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  1. PS4 Web Activator: PS4 Offline Account Activator Reimplementation by Sleirsgoevy

    Since the initial PS4OfflineAccountActivator by Charlyzard (Twitter) and recent PS4 7.5X Jailbreak Online Hosts from PlayStation 4 Scene developer @sleirsgoevy (Twitter) comes a PS4 Web Activator which is a straight-forward reimplementation of the previously released PS4 Offline Account...
  2. PS4OfflineAccountActivator to Export PS4 Save Data to USB by Charlyzard

    Following his Free PS4 SaveData Decrypting Tools release PlayStation 4 scene developer charlyzard announced on Twitter that he's added a PS4OfflineAccountActivator to his Github repository which allows users to export PS4 save data among other things to USB. šŸ˜ Download...

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