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  1. OkaxLoader v1.0: PS4 Playground ESP8266 5.05 Menu by HkN

    Today we received word from OkaX (aka HkN) that he recently started work on OkaxLoader v1.0 which is another PS4 Playground ESP8266 Menu for 5.05 jailbroken PS4 consoles. :thumbsupxf2: Download: V4 [ Okaxloader_v4.0 ] Fw5.05.Zip (ESP8266) ( - 758 KB) [ Okaxloader_v4.1...
  2. RetroGamer74

    PS4ADMIN Exploit Webpage User Guide & ESP8266 Payload Updates

    Hi guys, following @stooged's latest PS4 5.05 DB_SG_Backup-50X, Ps4_Serve3_v1_1.apk and AppToUsb-50X payload updates for all of you interested on PS4ADMIN I've just released the latest update supporting PS4 5.05 firmware for exploited consoles. It includes all payloads available til now, and I...