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  1. PS2 Game Backups on PS4 HEN 4.05 & Update by Flat_z

    Following his PS2 emulation research and recent write-up, PlayStation 4 developer @flatz unveiled screenshots on Twitter of some PS2 game backups running via PS4 HEN on an exploited PS4 4.05 console while sharing an updated to fix issues users have experienced recently. :love: He...
  2. PS2 Emulation / Directory Structure on PS4 Exploited Firmware by Flat_z

    Last year we reported on the open-source Nucleus PS3 / PS4 PC Emulator with another PS4 Emulator Project underway, and this weekend PlayStation 4 developer @flatz shared some findings on Twitter of emulating PS2 games on the PS4, which comparatively with PS3 seems like a simpler task overall...