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  1. Darkinsi

    NMAP PS4 Research Port TCP / UDP and CVE (FreeBSD) for Devs

    Hello to all and all, I join you here with my NMAP PS4 Port TCP / UDP research... I put a link to the CVE (FreeBSD) for this version. I continue to struggle to find a solution to bypass firewall.. if you are a PlayStation 4 Developer and you have ideas to share let me know.. ;) I hope to work...
  2. Blu-Play Developer Pages for PS4 Homebrew Devs by Misthalu

    It's been 2 years already since Blu-Play was born. I can't believe how fast time flies. (Standard opening to all of my posts). Following my 8-bit Memoirs eBook update, the whole idea with the Blu-Play label was to make more homebrew game developers interested in Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), so...
  3. CTurt Updates to 4.06, Specter Porting Qwertyoruiopz's PS4 Exploit to 3.55

    With Easter on the way things are definitely hoppin in the PS4 hacking scene, and following confirmation of PS4 4.50 Kernel R/W Access and his recent updates PlayStation 4 developer @CTurt sent word on Twitter that he's updated from 1.76 to 4.06 OFW (Official Firmware) to test out the recent...