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  1. Tiny PS4 Shell: Small Telnet Server for PlayStation 4 by John Tornblom

    Proceeding the OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain release, developer John Tornblom recently shared a Tiny PS4 Shell small Telnet server alongside a 7.55 Fork from therootlord for those in the PlayStation 4 Scene with a Jailbroken PS4 to send UNIX-like commands to their console for tasks such as decrypting...
  2. FTP_DB_Backup-50X: Create PS4 Backups via FTP Payload by Sc0rpion

    Following the DbBackup for USB, PS4 DB Rebuilder and my PS4 RPI GUI I wrote an FTP_DB_Backup-50X .sh script that backs everything up like the DbBackup.bin Payload... but does it through an FTP Payload that doesn't require USB. Download: (Requires .NET Framework 4) /...

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