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Proceeding the OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain release, developer John Tornblom recently shared a Tiny PS4 Shell small Telnet server PKG alongside a 7.55 Fork from therootlord for those in the PlayStation 4 Scene with a Jailbroken PS4 to send UNIX-like commands to their console for tasks such as decrypting PS4 SELF and SPRX files. :geek:

Download: IV0000-BREW00009_00-TELNETSHELL00000.pkg / / GIT / 7.55 Fork GIT / tiny-ps4-shell payloads.rar (Compiled) via @Coco Jones (not working on 7.55 per Etherion)

Here's more from the, as follows: Tiny PS4 Shell

Tiny-PS4-shell is a small telnet server for the PS4 with a couple of basic UNIX-like commands, e.g., cd, mkdir, stat, etc.


Assuming you have the OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain installed on you machine, tiny-ps4-shell can be compiled using the following two commands:
[email protected]:tiny-ps4-shell$ export OO_PS4_TOOLCHAIN=/path/to/open/orbis
[email protected]:tiny-ps4-shell$ make
You can also compile for POSIX-like systems:
[email protected]:tiny-ps4-shell$ make -f Makefile.posix
[email protected]:tiny-ps4-shell$ ./main_term.bin

Install the compiled pkg on a PS4 with homebrew and the kexec syscall enabled, launch the application, and telnet to the PS4 (port 2323). There are a handful of rudimentary commands available, e.g., cd, ls, and mkdir. Type help in a connected telnet shell for more information. Below are a couple of commands I have found useful.

To get a list of running processes:
/$ ps
     PID      PPID     PGID      SID    TTY    COMMAND
       0         0        0        0      -    kernel
       1         0        1        1  ttyu0    mini-syscore.elf
To obtain root permissions:
/$ setuid 0
To escape the initial jailed sandbox:
/$ jailbreak
To monitor kernel log:
/$ cat /dev/klog
To decrypt SELF and SPRX files:
/$  self2elf /mini-syscore.elf /mnt/usb0/mini-syscore.elf

The login session is not attached to a TTY, so you cannot signal for, e.g., SIGINT with Ctrl+C. Furthermore, most of the commands are only partially implemented. If you find some limitation extra annoying, file a github issue and perhaps it will be addressed.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter problems with tiny-ps4-shell, please file a github issue. If you plan on sending pull requests which affect more than a few lines of code, please file an issue before you start to work on you changes. This will allow us to discuss the solution properly before you commit time and effort.


Tiny-ps4-shell is licensed under the GPLv3+.
Tiny PS4 Shell Small Telnet Server for PlayStation 4 by John Tornblom.jpg



@Coco Jones
your bins dont work on 7.55. a portscan shows no additional open ports.

Fortunately, john-tornblom released a very early compiled pkg version just a few hours ago. this is the first time i got kernel logging working. It never worked for me with mira on 7.55

there are some quirks but its easy and simply works:


before you issue a command press enter 3 times like shown in the pic. otherwise the command will not work.

there's an error on the github readme. it is setuid 0, not seteuid 0.

direct link:
set telnet negotiation mode to passive to make your first command work instantly. no need to press enter 3 times.