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Following the DbBackup for USB, PS4 DB Rebuilder and my PS4 RPI GUI I wrote an FTP_DB_Backup-50X .sh script that backs everything up like the DbBackup.bin Payload... but does it through an FTP Payload that doesn't require USB.

Download: (Requires .NET Framework 4) / / / FTP_DB_Backup-50X GIT / How to Run on Windows 10 Guide by Alterr

From the FTP_DB_Backup-50X

FTP_DB_Backup-50X .sh script to create backups via ftp payload. You will need any unix machine (PC, NAS, Raspberry, ...) and PS4 jailbroken with 5.05 Firmware

Dont forget change IP PS4 to your in ip_ps4

Run FTP payload on PS4 and start by default, the BackUp will be executed in the folder where the location script ./backups/ (the date and time the script was run)

BackUp structure is fully compatible with @stooged's DB_SG_Backup-50X structure.

FTP_DB_Backup-50X Create PS4 Backups via FTP Payload by Sc0rpion.jpg



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so does this mean we can dump any ps4 game to usb hard drive through ftp then?

like if you had the marvel spider man game on ps4 original disc and a blu ray drive for pc then would it be possible to dump that game and send it to the ps4 through ftp can that be done it

would be nice if there was a video of what this does, like does it mean you can dump your original ps4 discs and send them to the ps4 through ftp but then would it be on the usb external hard drive


# How to run it on Windows 10 from Alterr, to quote roughly translated:

1. Download the Ubuntu distribution from the Microsoft Store for Win 10.
2. Start Ubuntu - at the end of the installation, you will need to enter a username and password (you need to create them)
3. Ubuntas home directory will be located along the path - C: \ Users \ ***** \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ CanonicalGroupLimited.UbuntuonWindows_79rhkp1fndgsc \ LocalState \ rootfs \ home \ ***** \
4. It is here that it is convenient to throw the script.
5. In order for this script to work correctly, you must enter the PS4 IP address between the quotes in the ip_ps4 = "*********" field. To do this, open the script with a text editor, for example, Notepad ++.


6. Run FTP Payload on PS4 and do not minimize this window.
7. In the Ubuntu window, enter the command chmod + x
8. Then enter the command to run the sudo script ./
9. Enter the previously invented password when prompted.
10. After this, files will be copied to the BackUps folder on the path C: \ Users \ ***** \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ CanonicalGroupLimited.UbuntuonWindows_79rhkp1fndgsc \ LocalState \ rootfs \ home \ ***** \
11. When the process is complete, close the Ubuntu window and you can move this folder anywhere.


I will try today - tomorrow, finish the app for windows