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  1. Host Your Own PS4 Webkit Exploit Page on LAN by Al Azif

    Inspired by the recent PS4 Webkit Exploit Local Server tutorial, @Al Azif shared a script to cover many of the steps in the guide and has since updated the Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting Tool releasing on Github for those seeking to host their own PS4 Webkit Exploit page on LAN since Sony started...
  2. Create PS4 / PC Local Server to Launch WebKit Exploits by Markus95

    Today PlayStation 4 developer @Markus95 shared a guide on how to create a PS4 / PC local server to launch the various PS4 WebKit Exploits from for those seeking to learn. :) Check it out below with a PS4 3.50-4.07 WebKit Exploit video demo, to quote from the French console modding site...

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