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  1. This is for the Pwners: Exploiting a WebKit 0-day in PlayStation 4

    Following their Initial Announcement and the recent PS4 WebKit 7.00-7.02 Exploit Talos WebSocket Vulnerability Probe, today abu_y0ussef and 0xdagger via Synacktiv shared at Black Hat Europe 2020 a Webkit exploit that gives arbitrary R/W (Read / Write) permission on 6.XX PS4 Firmware for PS4...
  2. PS4 Heap Use-After-Free at WebCore 3.50 PoC by Hunter128

    Well that didn't take long since news of the PS4 Webkit Exploit for 3.50 broke, with PlayStation 4 developer Hunter128 stepping up to the plate with the heap use-after-free at WebCore 3.50 proof-of-concept! :) Without further ado, here's what he had to say to quote: Hello. Appears this needs to...

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