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  1. WebRTE.pkg: PS4 Trainer Web RTE Package and Payload Released

    Following the recently released PS4 Web Trainer, today @TylerMods via PS4Trainer made available a homebrew app PKG at that will enable and run WebRTE (Runtime Environment) for PlayStation 4 scene developers with several updates below. :cool: Download: WebRTE.pkg / WebRTE_455.bin...
  2. TylerMods

    PS4 Web Trainer for PlayStation 4 Game Cheats by TylerMods

    As you know, about 8 months ago I (@TylerMods) released a desktop application, PS4 Trainer by TylerMods (Guide) to easily cheat in games on a kexploited PS4. Over time, the trainer grew in games, cheats and users. Since this period of time the trainer's file size also began to grow to a...