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  1. RetroGamer74

    PS4Admin GTA V Mod Menus for PS4 5.05 by RetroGamer74

    Hi guys. First of all, welcome back PSXHAX :) Finally got it!! After several days of research, PS4ADMIN is able to launch directly GTA V mods, currently available for 5.05. If anyone has already more GTA V Mods converted to 5.05 and want to be shown in PS4ADMIN, let me know about the binary...
  2. RetroGamer74

    PS4ADMIN (Firmware V3) for ESP8266 by RetroGamer74

    Hi guys, as many of you know I was pending to release the firmware v3 for ESP8266 following my last update. It was a bit difficult but I got here. You can get it directly from the GitHub repository: retrogamerfirmv3.bin You can also take a look to the demo preview, and from the file...