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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter RetroGamer74       Start date Apr 8, 2018 at 3:12 PM       74      
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Hi guys, as many of you know I was pending to release the firmware v3 for ESP8266 following my last update. It was a bit difficult but I got here.

You can get it directly from the GitHub repository: retrogamerfirmv3.bin

You can also take a look to the demo preview, and from the file: Firmware V3 (PS4ADMIN) for chip ESP8266 including PS4 4.55 Exploits

Firmware for chip ESP8266 including PS4 4.55 Exploits

This firmware includes next payloads: AppToUSB, Original (Payload Injections 9020 Port), HEN, HEN-VR, DUMPER, BACKUP, FTP, Enable Browser, Block FW Updates, Unblock FW Updates, Arabic Guy v1.0 GTA V ModMenu, WildeModz v.1.1 GTA V ModMenu, Lamance v.0.7 GTA V ModMenu.

English Installation Instructions

Download the ZIP package of this repository

Use retrogamerfirmv3.bin if you want firmware in english language.

Flash ESP8266 firmware using next flasher.

You can flash the firmware using Windows x86, Windows x86_64, or MacOSX.

Once running PS4:
  • Settings -> Networking setup.
  • Choose option Customized.
  • Select WiFi network identified by PS4Wifi. ( Password not required )
  • Select Automatic IP.
  • DNS IP, Set values for Primary and Secondary DNS to:
  • Set next options to their default values, until you reach the end of the networking setup.
  • Finally go to the Users Guide, in the Settings. The website installed into ESP8266 firmware will be shown. Ver: 1.0

qwertyoruiop, specter dev, flatz

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PS4ADMIN (Firmware V3) for ESP8266 by RetroGamer74.jpg


interesting one failure on loading hen (old one never failed) also I take it no cod mods were included correct? ok just had second failure so unfortunately my verdict is I go back to ver 2 for circle just spins and spins...
@seanp2500 The payloads and mods are the same than in V2. Strange, you experienced that issue. I've tested during the afternoon, and no issue. Did you started with PS4 clean? I mean rebooted? The payload and mods are the same also than V3 in WWW and V3 used with DNS Spoof with User Guide.

Anyway thank you.
yes both failures were clean boots. I did several reboots. It does work. Other payloads work. It's just 2 failures out of 10 tests is not acceptable for me (PLEASE UNDERSTAND I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR WORK) when your last firmware NEVER FAILS

I have a launch day phat btw
My order from aliexpress arrived today i was up and running in less then 5mins appreciate all the hard work mate.

Side note is there any way users can change the exploit page background to suit their needs eg. one of my consoles is a star wars darth vader phat 4.55 console and would love to keep the dark side theme going with that console?
Appreciate the work champion!
I just ordered a NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 ESP-12E CH340G from ebay so will take a few weeks to arrive will be testing on a PRO once arrived, fingers crossed I ordered the correct one
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