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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter RetroGamer74       Start date Jun 30, 2018 at 6:41 AM       58      
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Hi guys. First of all, welcome back PSXHAX :)

Finally got it!! After several days of research, PS4ADMIN is able to launch directly GTA V mods, currently available for 5.05.

If anyone has already more GTA V Mods converted to 5.05 and want to be shown in PS4ADMIN, let me know about the binary and credits of the developer and I will add it in PS4ADMIN.

As usual you can use PS4ADMIN by launching WWW PS4 Browser with the link to:

If that method is not safe for you, you can modify your Primary and Secondary DNS to: in your network settings and run the User Guide, which will show you the PS4ADMIN.

By using this DNS you won't be able to get access to internet except for the PlayStation manual URL which is in fact PS4ADMIN. This method is safe.

You can take a look here in this video:
PS4 5.05 GTA V 1.27 Mod Menu - PS4Admin - Payload Direct

:alert: Note: I won't release PS4ADMIN for ESP8266 anymore, see HERE for details thanks.

PS4Admin GTA V Mod Menus for PS4 5.05 by RetroGamer74.jpg


@RetroGamer74 I've had all the GTA mods running from html for a few weeks now using the same method.

Here's a tip I used with my code to reduce the size of the payloads.

In the payload section, change:
function writeMOD(p,b){p.write4(b.add32(0x0),0x5abe9);......
function writeMOD(p,b){p(b.add32(0x0),0x5abe9);......

In the call function section, change:
if(buffer == '926100000') {
writeMOD(p, code_addr.add32(0x100000));
if(buffer == '926100000') {
writeMOD(p.write4, code_addr.add32(0x100000));

Deleting every '.write4' instance from the payload section and including once it in the call function section greatly reduces the size of the overall payload.

You can reduce the size even more by changing all the HEX values to Decimal.

Hope you find this useful. :)
Should I update to 5.05? I have HEN packages installed and my BlueRay drive in the PS4 is broken, I'm currently on 4.55 as of right now should I stay there or update?

I believe the process is just getting the 5.05 PUP file on a USB put the PUP in the UPDATE folder and just install it from the USB in Safe mode.

Edit: forgot to add that it's great to see things being updated constantly and moving so quickly :bananaman13::bananaman:
what release contains the "cfw" tab? guessing that is mira? i must of missed that one, as the one im running only has HEN tab.

thanX in advance (would be nice to have a mira option) switching back and forth from admin to Al's exploit gets messy and im kinda forgetful lol
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