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Hi guys. First of all, welcome back PSXHAX :)

Finally got it!! After several days of research, PS4ADMIN is able to launch directly GTA V mods, currently available for 5.05.

If anyone has already more GTA V Mods converted to 5.05 and want to be shown in PS4ADMIN, let me know about the binary and credits of the developer and I will add it in PS4ADMIN.

As usual you can use PS4ADMIN by launching WWW PS4 Browser with the link to:

If that method is not safe for you, you can modify your Primary and Secondary DNS to: in your network settings and run the User Guide, which will show you the PS4ADMIN.

By using this DNS you won't be able to get access to internet except for the PlayStation manual URL which is in fact PS4ADMIN. This method is safe.

You can take a look here in this video:
PS4 5.05 GTA V 1.27 Mod Menu - PS4Admin - Payload Direct

:alert: Note: I won't release PS4ADMIN for ESP8266 anymore, see HERE for details thanks.

PS4Admin GTA V Mod Menus for PS4 5.05 by RetroGamer74.jpg


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I love your PS4ADMINv5 interface and thank you for your work. Would you be able to wear your gate to put it on an ESP8266 D1 mini PRO that has 16MB of flash memory. because even with DNS I'm too afraid to connect my PS4 pro
thank you in advance


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First of all, sorry to announce this. But let me explain a bit why? Because of the short of performance of the chip, because of the short of memory of the chip, and because of the great feature to make possible to cache completely a web page to browse it offline in PS4, I've considered that has no sense to keep updating ESP8266, because it is very hard for me.

PS4ADMIN is an interface, that is very different as many others Payload Injection Websites. Usually most of them uses the bin2html to create an index.html for each payload. This is the fastest way to create this kind of websites. But PS4ADMIN, tries to split the core of the kernel, userland, syscalls, and so on, to use those files as common files for all injections existing in the website just once. This working way allows me to easily caches the web contents.

Using the DNS address I provide, you can be sure, all your internet navigation is locked and only the User Guide can be loaded. (

This website take advantage of PHP, Database, and so on, with the main goal to build a different website than many others you can find. Of course those other websites are so valid in the same way as PS4ADMIN.

Due to the lack of features when programming the chip ESP8266, I had to code by myself all of the server side behaviours developed currently in PHP. So I had to do that in C in ESP8266. Due to the lack of a database service, I had to convert the Database into CSV files and parsing them. All of this work, and all of this processes rise the ESP8266 to the limit, which usually means reboots, and crashes.

ESP8266 has as main goal, as least from my point of view, which is, safe. And I consider you can be safe in the same way by setting Primary and Secondary DNS of your network settings to and starting the injection web page from User's Guide settings menu.

Since June, 10th, all updates I did in PS4ADMIN website is getting advantage from CACHE feature. So even if you don't know spanish language you can take a look to next video, to see how page is cached and how once cached you can use this website with Internet Connection completely disconnected. So you only need to be connected to internet with only User Guide access to browse those payloads you need to cache them. When you finish you can disconnect internet from settings menu, and you will be able to keep on using this PS4ADMIN.

I hope you understand it, and thanks everyone for let me explain this.

As a reminder, there are many other ESP8266 releases in the scene that you can use if you still want to keep on using ESP8266 as your main Injection Web Service.

Best regards.

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