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  1. Sony Announces PlayStation Bug Bounty Program, PS4 Jailbreak ETA Never?

    It's been just over 2 years since the last Full PS4 Jailbreak was publicly released, and as some PlayStation scene devs shared optimistic Tweets that if more homebrew is made they may work on a new jailbreak while others alluded that one may surface after the PS5 Release this Holiday 2020 with...
  2. PS4 4.01 Linux Installation / Ksploit Demo at GeekPwn 2016

    Today at the GeekPwn 2016 Carnival in Shanghai Station the Pavilion Safety Research Lab shared a PS4 4.01 Linux installation / Ksploit demonstration exploit video via Chinese site Changting Technology Security Lab! :D In the video they navigate their PS4 Web browser to
  3. PS4 Developer Specter on Jailbreak vs CFW, Reversing SPRXs & More

    Recently PlayStation 4 developer Specter updated the PS4 Playground 3.55 successor to PS4Console v1.1, and since then he's started Specter's Development Blog to share information and progress with other developers. (y) Thus far, there are two PS4 Dev entries which we'll link you to below...

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