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  1. PS4 Firmware Checker for Latest System and Recovery FW by Pearlxcore

    With testers currently running PS4 Firmware / System Software 7.00 Beta 5 it won't be long (about two weeks) before Sony unleashes the next OFW update, and proceeding his PS4 PKG Tool GUI homebrew application PlayStation 4 scene developer @pearlxcore (Twitter) updated his Github repository with...
  2. PS4 Dump Checker Tool to Validate Flash Dumps by Pearlxcore

    Following his PS4 Error Code Checker and PS4 4.74 Exploit Playground Mirror, developer @pearlxcore of shared on Twitter this weekend a PS4 Dump Checker tool to validate PlayStation 4 flash dumps. :geekxf2: Download: PS4_Dump_Checker.rar (32.0 KB) / PS4.Dump.Checker.exe (179 KB) /...

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