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  1. PSXHAX Gets More Smilies, From Alien Ninjas to... Poop!

    Whacking away at the ongoing PSXHAX To-Do List, today we've added the remainder of the Xenforo stock smilies to the site. The new ones added are: :barefoot: :cautious: :censored: :cry: :love: :LOL: :notworthy: :ROFLMAO: :sick: :sleep: :sneaky: (y) (n) :unsure: :whistle: :X3...
  2. PSXHAX To-Do / Feature Request List

    Here is a to-do list that we'll update periodically as stuff gets done! ;) Replace the current temp default avatars / site logo with nicer ones Improve colors (UserNames in some areas) and add flat themed / updated style Add Cufon, FontAwesome or Google WebFonts typography Add login...

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