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  1. Team Xecuter Console Hacking Group Leaders Arrested, DOJ Press Release

    Proceeding the release group SPARKS bust early last month that left many siteops and couriers without topsites to distribute warez, 2020 continues to haunt the scene with the United States Department of Justice issuing a press release confirming two Team Xecuter leaders are now in custody facing...
  2. XBox One HDD Hack Method Using H4LT's Durango XDK (***) Surfaces

    I will add this to our practically dormant Microsoft section here as well from PS4 News, where a trick similar to the PS4 PSN Method apparently has been found to run game backups on XBox One now using the Durango X-DK (XBox One *** - 473.9 MB / Documentation / XboxOneOS.rar - 707.12 MB) from...