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Following the release of the Bloodborne trainer a member asked for Dark Souls 3 trainer and as promised I release today the trainer ;)

Download: Dark Souls 3 Trainer V0.1.3 By (75.88 MB) / Dark Souls 3 Trainer V0.1.3 By (Mirror) / Mirror #2 / Dark Souls III Trainer V5.05.rar (63.96 MB) via @PS325

Spoiler: Password

This trainer is only tested on 4.55 with the GOTY Edition CUSA07439 V1.00 (may work on 4.05). I recommend making a backup or a new save before testing, im not responsible of any corrupted save ;)
Dark Souls 3 Trainer for PS4 4.55 Firmware by Shiningami.jpg

Dark Souls 3 Trainer for PS4 4.55 Firmware by Shiningami 2.jpg

What can be done :
  • Edit Attributes (Vitality, endurance, Luck, Faith ....)
  • Edit Souls
  • Edit Level
  • GodMode (infinite stamina,infinite HP,infinit MP)
  • Enable/Disable infinity (HP,MP,SP) independently
  • Add Consumable and Ring to inventory (if it doesnt appear in game just buy some weapon so the inventory get refreshed)
PS : weapon and armor cannot be added (can't find the logic behind it, any suggestions are welcome)

More than 99% of items are in database (more than 3800)! some image are missing (450) will be added when i got time :)

Depending on the feedback i'll update the trainer.

Tutorial :

Step 1 injecting the payload
Dark Souls 3 Trainer for PS4 4.55 Firmware by Shiningami 3.jpg

Step 2 Attaching the trainer
Dark Souls 3 Trainer for PS4 4.55 Firmware by Shiningami 4.jpg

Step 3 enjoying trainer
Dark Souls 3 Trainer for PS4 4.55 Firmware by Shiningami 5.jpg



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I have GOTY Edition CUSA07439 V1.00 and i'm on 4.55 and it didn't work for me (tested few times) i found the addresses myself, changed the HP, Mana, Stamina then it went back to the original stats on reload, the the addresses changed, and i can easily confirm the addresses for the HP, Mana and Stamina changes on reload tested few time using PS4_Cheater.

Sadly your tool didn't work for me i tried the values and items reloaded, bought new weapons to refresh, but nothing!

Sorry just being honest.


Please create for 5.05 and create a youtube video explaining how to install. i am new to ps4 jailbreak scene so your tutorial is greek to me.


Well, i'm sorry @Shiningami but i was waiting like 5 months for this so, i just updated your work for 5.05 FW in a few minutes. Just replaced the splash image and the version from 0.1.3 to 5.05, updated jkpatches, etc. All your credits still there. The rar password is the same you used in the past


All stats are modifiable, you can add and delete items, all is working as intended and this trainer just can't die... Is the best trainer for DS3. I got Bloodborne and DarkSouls 2 updated too, but doesn't work very well, I wish I had the source code

So, you may not like this but, here is the download link


If you want me to delete this file, just tell me

P.S: You can select 4.05 or 4.55 FW, doesn't matter, will work for 5.05


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@PS325 i already update all my trainer it was laying in my desk since golden update jkpatch to 505 but wasnt in mood to release them yet.

I even release bloodborn trainer 505 you can find it ps4 source discord.
I dont mind you repacking the trainer with the new jkpatch just dont get credit for other work

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