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Hello, after seeing everyday the site on my laptop and my celphone, i have to say the pictures in the posts are TOO SMALL. Some of them just seem an stain.

A good and visible picture could help visitors to be interested in the post itself. Thats the way humanity works, modern coloured mirrors are always welcome.

Just an idea, sorry.


Staff Member
Ok I had a little time tonight, @PLAYER 1 re-check the mainpage articles on both desktop and cellphone... their images are now being sized responsively to 35% of the total block size. :cool:

On a desktop the article thumbnails will appear (approximately) double the size they used to be, and on a cellphone if you have it the 'portrait' view it will be the same (pretty much) but the 'landscape' orientation will automatically resize them to the larger size now... you can test it by rotating your phone back and forth. :D

Note: This change only applies to articles with an IMAGE by the way, if someone promotes an article and does not include an image for it the XenPorta 2 system will use their AVATAR instead. I usually go through and add images to articles without one when I can though.


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Nice, i like the new frontpage, it looks so natural to view this way i almost didnt notice the change after reading some article. Good job.

Muy bueno.Gracias.