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Recently data mining team The Game Files Guru discovered GTA V alien assets in last month's GTA Online Gunrunning update for Grand Theft Auto V as revealed on their official site :alien:

Some screenshots and demonstration video footage are below, with the Chiliad Mystery Guru Team discovering the Alien Egg Supply Run mission consists of stealing supplies that leads to a UFO crash site just outside the Zancudo military base containing alien eggs that must be eliminated once they hatch.

From their YouTube Channel comes the following demo footage, with the video's caption stating the following to quote: Chiliad Mystery Gurus: The Alien Crash Site Revealed

GTA Online Chiliad Mystery Gurus Reveal Alien Crash Site in GTA V 2.jpgIn the code, there are natives that call the events, or missions. Sometimes, like the Chiliad UFO, certain conditions must be met before that native call is true and executes.

Normally these are easy to read, but we knew something was different with this one. Not only did we run into obfuscation, but the functions go in and out of themselves, like spaghetti. ;-)

GTA Online Chiliad Mystery Gurus Reveal Alien Crash Site in GTA V 3.jpgTracing it both backwards and forwards led nowhere. We agreed this was our mission, but to be certain we needed to force our variable to be set to true and execute out of the loop. We figured it was used in a Supply Drop mission. So we forced our event to be true, trigger the mission and start a supply run.

We can then see it's obvious the UFO event itself, is in the middle of it's script, while the mission is at it's beginning. (This causes some of the bugs you think you see, they aren't bugs, they just aren't executing properly.) This leads us to believe that whatever happened during the UFO's crash script, happens on the way to setting 20 to true. That's where we're testing now.

GTA Online Chiliad Mystery Gurus Reveal Alien Crash Site in GTA V 4.jpgThat's not all we've found and the Mystery is not over. Thanks to Guru WetNips and the whole Guru team. Special thanks to Polivias for his global enforcer.

Exploring the Alien Crash site Q&A
Alien Site Mess-Around
Cheers to for the news, and have a safe and happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA! <3
GTA Online Chiliad Mystery Gurus Reveal Alien Crash Site in GTA V.jpg



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They've recently found out how to spawn this in online without mods and what you must do is:
  • Sell 601 (600) (but 601 to be safe) stocks from you're bunker.
  • Once you have done that you need to resupply from your computer at your bunker between the times of 2100 and 2400 and you shall start this mission but you may only do this one time.
Also R* can edit the "600" to any number they want in the tunables file.

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