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Hi all

Bought a use ps4 yesterday
Run update to 4.55
after reboot it installs till 7% then SU-30631-3 error
Then I used a USB with full 4.55 firmware and
used option 7 in safe mode

After format and so it reboots and same error again
at 7%

Then used another HDD and did everything again
but same error again

any ideers



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i found this in the official forum of sony by culz2. i hope you can solve your problem.

Re: Im having an error (SU-30631-3)

I found a solution to the SU-30631-3 error code.

i myself had trouble trying to install the new update (the update would stop half way with the error code and restart my console in and endless loop)
  • So what i did was i took out the hardrive from my ps4
  • Then went to my friends house and put my hardrive in his ps4
  • His ps4 recongnised it as a new hardrive
  • So his ps4 booted into safe/recovery mode
  • I then plugged my USB flashdrive that had the update file on it
  • I used option 7 from the safe/recovery mode (Initialize PS4 -reinstall system software-)
  • Proceeded to download the update from his ps4, The update downloaded successfully to my hardrive
  • Once it had finished i took my hardrive back out from my friends ps4
  • Went home and put it back into my own ps4
  • The ps4 then booted straight to the dashboard (without prompting me to the update install error loop)
  • And has been working fine for me ever since.
I concluded from this that the glitch/fault is in ps4 system, where the ps4 isnt allowing for the update to install through your hardive. So you need a to install the update on your hardrive through a secondary console, or to use a hardrive with the ready installed update on it, and the ps4 should be able to run smoothly from there.


I have also tried that
But then you put the hdd back in the "book.." ps4
it will do the update again
and it fails
anyone that has version 4.50 (eu)
and would upload it for me
so I can try it


update on this error
I tried 4.50 without any luck
I took out the battery on the mainboard
Still the same error

Where does it get this update from

on my other ps4 I can switch hdd with 4.50 and 4.55 with no problems
everytime I switch buggy ps4 on it will update

Just noticed something: The buggy asks for Firmware 4.01 or later and my working one asks for 4.55 or later

Does that mean anything ??


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According to the wiki SU-30631-3 is a Software Update error (0x80180009) which the same solution is recommended as Sony's Page pretty much:

USB error occurred while updating the system software.
  • Step 1: Delete the Update file from the USB storage device
  • Step 2: Clear your browser cache and redownload the PUP file here. Then retry the system update.
  • Step 3: If the error persists, try another USB device.
  • Step 4: If the error occurs again there may be an issue with the PS4's hard drive (HDD). If you have previously changed the HDD, use the other HDD. If not, please contact SCEA (877-971-7669 or 800-345-SONY) for additional technical support.
Sony also mentioned what you already tried using PS4 Safe Mode with Option 7... besides alternate HDD's, have you tried a different USB stick or port by chance?

Unless the used PS4 has something else going on with it (non-married logic board, etc) but this doesn't sound like that to me it sounds more like a USB or HDD issue. :confused:


I think you might be right about non-married logic board
because the file is copied from usb
installed 100 %
and then ps4 reboots and comes with software update again
Starting to install and the SU-30631-3 after 7 %


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I will peek around more later tonight on this and see if I can find anything else that could possibly help ya out. ;)
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