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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter kdwgamestore       Start date Dec 24, 2016 at 1:54 PM       97,618       95      
KDW CFW2OFW V.1.2 BETA GUI for PS3 by KDWGameStore.png

By tomyrambozha.fv / kdwgamestore / ErikPshat / Purnama Giri

Download links:

KDW CFW2OFW V.1.2.rar [3.4mb tusfiles]
KDW CFW2OFW V.1.2.rar [3.4mb mirror mega]

  • GUI Interface
  • Fix insert disc issues
  • Auto generate LIC.DAT and fix LIC.EDAT
  • Auto Copy PS3 GAME folder
  • Autodetect region code
  • gameupdatexxxxxxx.pkg auto patch into converted game
  • Result as NPXXX and BLXXX folder
How to use:

1. Check your game REGION CODE [EX : PES 2013 / BLES01709 ]
2. Open CFW2OFW V.1.2, with RUN ADMINISTRATOR, Then click PS3 GAME UPDATE [by aldotools]
3. type your game REGION CODE to Title ID : then verify, download 1 update files only [game update must have EBOOT.BIN inside USDIR]
4. Right click and download
5. select load pkg , go to kdw_tools\downloads\your pkg shown here, select it
6. select PS3_GAME folder of your backup game, THEN OK, wait until
" message : converting successful " close application then "
7. new folder NPXXXX And BLXXXX,
8. if u in ofw 4.70 Below, inject NPXXXX And BLXXXX folder into your backup with TRUANCESTOR BACKUP INJECTOR JIKKYU
9. if u in ofw 4.70++, copy NPXXXX And BLXXXX , into your external drive, then
copy to your PS3CFW in dev_hdd0/game/here
10. then rebuild database your ps3 cfw, then data transfer to your ps3 ofw

1. U can simple use "DATABASE REBUILDER.PKG" install into your ps3 cfw to
rebuild database with 1 click
2. if you wanna how to fix bug, error, freeze, blackscreen and more please visit :

4. do not rename your ps3gameupdate.pkg files NAME , leave it original
5. If you got error / crash, run task manager, please end task "make_npdata"/"convert.exe" .
then try again, if you got same issues, restart your PC


tomyrambozha, team-kdw, ErikPshat, aldotools, Jikkyu, Hykem, stahlworks, $npR, purnama giri for GUI
and every people has contributed ..

Spesial thanks for " ErikPshat, Jikkyu & aldotools "

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this games working i test it

CFW 4.82 REBUG TO OFW 4.82
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 BLUS31444
  • Twisted Metal BCUS98106
  • Black Ops 3 BLES02166
  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z BLUS31203
  • Dark Souls II BLUS41045
  • Dante's inferno BLUS30405

Nicki 32

Good morning people I'm already helpless have the 2 ps3 consoles after the black came out. So slim with 320gb

My question to you how do I get the without an e3 flasher you have to install the I get the other's my firmware is at 4.81 but wants the aug 3,66 flinte my firmware to the function and not the correct password code

Tomorrow you can help me, will your slim hacking but find the right firmware you can download to read the USB flash drive or the hard drive firmware and password be helpful and have specially my superslim with the slim with 320GB

Can you help me with the ps3 please need the right firmware

Did the PS3 Slim wants to hack but have not the right firmware and find it unfortunately my ps3 is at 4.81 and want it to 3.66 and everything does not work always shows error code and defect to white already slow further, please, I urge you to answer and help as soon as possible

Please reply promptly frustrated for help and answer

LG nicki 3w


Hi, i need more info about the new method KDW admin has found , called virtual server injection that we can inject ps3 cfw ofw without ex hdd all in beta test. I need more info about that. Someone can help me please ?