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If you haven't voted yet drop by This Week's Poll to do so, and here are some MTX Key ModChip installation process videos for a PS4 Pro 1TB console from Indonesian shop YoyoStation Shop via their YouTube Channel with pages on both and for those interested.

Dare we ask... does anyone know what 'not gangbang' means, roughly translated? :bananaman1::bananaman16:

MTX On PS4 PRO (Part 1)
MTX on PS4 Pro 1TB Permanent not Gangbang (Part 2)
MTX on PS4 Pro 1TB Permanent not Gangbang (Part 3) End
Cheers to @Figure03 for passing them along in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :beer:
MTX Key ModChip Installation Process for PS4 Pro 1TB by YoyoStation.jpg



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I want to know how much these shops are charging to load up a ps4 with games.

Can they clone the hdd or do you have to download each game one by one?


Staff Member
Some rough currency conversions were done HERE and game pack pricing HERE... so it seems like a range of $20 on up, although still better to wait for a free solution imo. ;)


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Ya I'm definitely waiting for proper cfw. But the fact vita isn't fully hacked yet and xbone hasnt been touched has got me worried. Sony and MS did a good job with security this time. Hoping for Christmas 2017 :D

I can see this chip being useful for guys selling their services on craigslist but it would be dangerous in the USA. A friend of mine got busted doing xbox 360 flashing even though there is no technical sale of copyrighted content. This is. I guess in Indonesia nobody gives a f00k.


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I have a chip with me. I have installed it. But i really dont have a clue as to how i give a game to one of my friend. I have 5-6 games in the id i signed in when activating the chip
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