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Release an Open Source PS4 SaveData Editor When Ready?

  • Yes, bring it on so I can get lit editing my PS4 SaveData!

  • No, let's keep it private... too much drama on the scene.

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I've been working on a PS4 savedata editor. Would the community have any interest in a open source save editor ???

The one I'm working on will not have a database of cheats. The cheats will have to be a community contributed item. You will have to apply cheat manually.

Also I will not release the decryption/encryption keys. This will have to be someone else job. Some of the keys are not mine to release.

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Senior Member
H.e.l.l. ya there is interest.... Lots and lots and lots and lots....

I can see it now.... A whole section in the forums full of cheats to input.....

I love it!!!!!!!!

Release away!!!!!!!


PSXHAX's B!tch
Senior Member
Which firmware versions would support this Save Editor? If the keys are never released, but the Save Editor is, it's still useless, right? So what's the point?


Staff Member
My guess is 1.76 that can be ported to higher when possible, and the keys may surface separately so as to keep this open source app and it's authors safe from Sony's overzealous legal mitts.