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If a combination gaming console / PC hybrid featuring AMD's next-generation CPU sounds interesting, hardware manufacturer Zhongshan Subor recently announced their Subor console will be launching in China within a month in the form of a Windows PC with a dedicated console running a custom Operating System arriving later this year. o_O

Below is a specification comparison chart and some additional details from, to quote:

"First impressions suggest a hardware specification similar to PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of GPU compute power, but combined with next-gen Ryzen processor architecture."

- Subor PS4 Pro Xbox One X Ryzen 5 2400G
CPU Architecture Ryzen Jaguar Jaguar Ryzen
Cores/Threads 4/8 8/8 8/8 4/8
CPU Clocks 3.0GHz 2.13GHz 2.3GHz 3.8GHz
GPU 24 CUs/ 1300MHz 36 CUs/ 911MHz 40 CUs/ 1172MHz 11 CUs/ 1240MHz
GPU Compute 3.99TF 4.2TF 6.0TF 1.75TF
Memory 8GB GDDR5 8GB GDDR5 12GB GDDR5 User Configurable DDR4
"As you can see from the spec table, Subor's processor achieves Pro-like graphics capabilities in a very different way to PlayStation hardware. Sony's custom processor effectively doubles the base PS4's compute unit count and adds on a small amount of frequency, delivering 4.2 teraflops from 36 CUs at 911MHz.

The new chip runs faster at 1300MHz, but only features 24 CUs. It's also based on the latest AMD Vega design, whereas the Pro GPU is effectively an enhanced version of the original PlayStation 4 graphics core, with a number of additional features brought over from AMD's later Polaris and Vega designs.

Although offering less overall compute power, a 75MHz overclock on the Subor's Vega core will deliver the same 4.2 teraflops, assuming overclocking is available on the new part."
New Gaming Console  PC Heading to China via AMD and Subor.jpg



clearly their not going to sink millions into a console that's worthless.... this could make the gaming scene competitive again !!!!


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what AAA devs do you see developing/porting for this platform? competitive to Switch maybe

the chinese are notorious for their console ban between 2000 and 2013 and their gamers are used to a different gaming experience

this is a console specifically made for their market and it can't be a direct competitor

it's not the next xiaomi/huawei/zte
end of story


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Don't know as a console, but for a windows PC if the price and size is the same as a ps4, it would be a good way to replace those ugly midtower gabinets


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China wont allow foreigns companies to control the growing gaming market, thats obvious.

Im sure this new architecture have a backdoor from factory to spy what gamers do, obviously.

Google shows the way.
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