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PS Vita CFW and Hacks       Thread starter sEKTOR       Start date Feb 8, 2016 at 5:48 PM       4,813       2      
Developer Davis Nuñez updated his PSP / PS Vita homebrew application today to OneShell v0.3 which utilizes ONElua for those running loaders including ARK and TN-V.

Download: OneShell_beta_03.rar (9.6 MB)

From Wololo comes a translated list of features and more, to quote:

OneShell 0.3 – Features

OneShell 0.3 ships with the following features and apps:
  • File Explorer
  • Command Line
  • Picture Viewer
  • 3D Objects viewer
  • Music player (supports at3, mp3, wav, bgm)
  • Picture Editor
  • FTP Server
  • Text editor
  • app installer
  • Archive file extraction (ZIP, RAR)
  • UMD Dumper
  • Homebrews/iso launcher
CustomProtocol report that an annoying bug exists in this version: closing a given app will then open the previous app if that one was still in the control bar at the bottom of the screen.

Hackinformer report that Wifi features are not available on the ARK eCFW. It is also worth mentioning that ONESHell is currently only available in Spanish it seems, although the app should be intuitive enough that you don’t have to know Spanish to use it.


OneShell_2.png blender_01.png debugger_01.png escritorio_01.png explorer_01.png galeria_01.png iosk_01.png ppsspp_01.png recovery_01.png