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Following the release of PKG Kitchen by @XVortex, here is a ALL-IN-ONE script/tools I call PKG KitchenAID to dump/rip your own games and backup them into a PKG.

Download: (3.9 MB) / (3.9 MB) / (4.8 MB) / PKG (13.0 MB) via NORATIO

PKG KitchenAID is super easy, you have one batch file to run and just follow the onscreen instructions. You can't go wrong. No need of a FTP client or to download separated tools. All you need is in the package and easy to use (will help some newbies).
  • All the improvements/automated process in based on @XVortex FTP Payload and its own scripts and other freewares included.
  • Anyone is free to use this code and improve it as well (I might update it here and there based on changes, but so far, all the dumps tested are 100% working)
  • An SSD is suggested to facilitate/speed up the process
0) Turn off your PS4 (to ensure nothing is loaded in memory) and turn it on again
1) On your PS4, delete any files/traces of the game you want to rip on your PS4 to ensure a proper rip
2) On your computer, execute file "DUMP.bat" at the root of your installation to begin the process and follow onscreen instructions

Download the package and just extract the files where you want on your computer.
PKG KitchenAID for PS4 Packages by NORATIO.jpg



I'm trying to dump my first games but during the transfer process it keeps stalling.

For example, the process gets to moving the pfs_image.dat file and has stalled twice on me at a few gigs through the process. Any advice?

I am hardwired to the router.


It's now time to run the extract script that will setup the chunks properly (PlayGO)
Press any key to continue . . .
[Warn] Output of the command may contain confidential information.
[Warn] Not all files are extracted.
[Debug] Image extract succeeded.
why not work for me extract script?

i trying more than 10 time and my results are CE-30008-1 error :(:(:(:(:(


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I use lan it's fastest way. I did not edit the payload either. I did notice notice running dump.bat as admin throws errors. I do run host server as admin. For people having issues with the ftp just set your dns manually (pc address and dns too. Run cmd and type"ipconfig /all)and keep ip same. Worked for me.


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I have a Question , mist i on lan connection with lancable from PS4 into my PC ?

Or From Ps4 into Lan Router ?

Because to my router i have very lame speed :unsure:



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Alright, for those who don't want to deal with a USB Stick or Drive attached to their PS4 with the new method from @XVortex which is kinda hard to see the progress, I present you the last version and probably the latest of KichenAID V1.3.

Please note all of this is based on his work, no thanks to me, but to him.

KitchenAID V1.3 (A Disc Dump automated app-guide using FTP)

PKG (13.0 MB)

Using this version, I was able to dump the games I couldn't like Call Of Duty Ghost.

@PSXHAX thx for updating the OP

Enjoy this final version!


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KitchenAID is usefull toolset for those who want to do it manually or customize or has fast ftp connection/slow usb disk. Just make it to dump/extract/overwrite to ONE folder and use my recent gengp4 to this folder(just timely update it)
Keep an good work!

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