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From gamefaqs ps4 help

Games come with updates necessary for them to play. I imagine if you get a title that is released this month the recent update should be on the disc, however that could vary from title to title depending on how long of a dev cycle it had.

Maybe because all the games so far were able to run on the firmware you are currently.

The ps3 supported updates on game discs, pretty sure this system does to because newer games that require new features in the firmware would not work without the update.


param_fmt: uint32_t
param_max_len: 0x4 (4 bytes)
param_len: 0x4 (4 bytes)

Used by: PS4 Game (Blu-ray Disc), PS4 Game (Digital), PS4 Game Patch, PS2 Classic
Minimum System Firmware needed to play this title (conveniently, the [PS4VOLUME]/PS4/UPDATE/PS4UPDATE.PUP file (Blu-ray Disc) will be at least this version)

So its correct asking for a 3.55 to play the game param.sfo contains the min ver. Required


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We are waiting on that :D *ice cubes voice* yayy yayyy

ok im home now

ive downloaded the 3.55 OFW update (for mafia 3 to work) thanx @PSXHAX ive used redeye psproxy to get the game to download the game update via ps4 obviously wont work but i have the game update in the download section of the ps4 so i turned off psproxy loaded psxdownloadhelper 1.8 connected then went back to the ps4 retried the download and voila its downloading the patch :tup::):) but yes again psproxy does not work online! YET

edit 1: and you cant install patches updates etc. just keep asking to update...fuuukn helll aye

edit 2: now i got to install the game update it asks you need the latest fw i select download now then it says The latest version of the system software is already installed. but i still cant install the game update

aware that i am on 3.55


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I went through my bookmarks tonight and could not find the site I visited 3-4 months ago with the PS4 game firmware versions :cryingface:

From what I recall it was an NFO database website, but uniquely it also had a column for the PS4 game firmware versions next to the releases.

I'm certain it's still out there in cyberspace, so hopefully I'll run across it again and reply with it here.


Anyone knows which software is needed for playing ff XV?, My firmware version is 4.0, can i update the game without updating firmware? thanks.
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