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Proceeding the PS4Cheater revisions, PS4 SaveData Decrypting Tools and his last update PlayStation 4 homebrew developer ChendoChap committed a PlayStation 4 Save Mounter utility to Github today for Windows utilizing ps4debug.bin with details below! :D

Download: PlayStation 4 Save Mounter.exe / GIT / PS4 Save Mounter PC Client Source Code forked by tunip3 / Fork by GiantPluto / Fork by D-Pyro / Playstation.4.Save.Mounter.exe / ps4debug.bin (For 6.72 Firmware)

To quote from the PlayStation 4 Save Mounter


This program allows you to mount save data as READ/WRITE

  • PS4 5.05
  • FTP Client
  1. Load ps4debug
  2. Start a game
  3. Load FTP
  4. Open the tool
  5. Enter the ip of your ps4 and press click 'Connect'
  6. Click 'Refresh Processes' and select your game in the combobox
  7. Click 'Setup'
  8. Click 'Find Dirs'
  9. Select the save you want to mount in the combobox
  10. Select the mount permission in the combobox (default is READ ONLY)
  11. Click 'Mount'
  12. Your save is now mounted in /mnt/pfs/ & in /mnt/sandbox/{title}/savedataX
  13. After you're done copying/replacing files click 'Unmount'
  • Some games use another save format, they have an sce_ prefix in their name. they won't show up as search results
  • This can probably be patched but I was too lazy
Here's a workaround:
  1. go to /user/home/{userid}/savedata/{titleid}
  2. make a copy of the sce save: 2 files, the bin file(96KB), the sdimg file
  3. rename them
    "sce_sdmemory.bin" -> "temp.bin"
    "sdimg_sce_sdmemory" -> "sdimg_temp"
  4. go to /system_data/savedata/{userid}/db/user and download the database.db file
  5. open it with an sqlite editor
  6. add a new record in the savedata table
  7. fill in the data and you're done
  8. replace the original database with the newer one
  9. Click 'find dirs' again, it should now add a temp entry in the combobox
  10. proceed as usual
  11. go to /user/home/{userid}/savedata/{titleid}
    • delete the original sce_sdmemory.bin and sdimg_sce_sdmemory
    • rename temp.bin to sce_sdmemory.bin and temp to sdimg_sce_sdmemory
  12. replace the modified database with the original one
  13. you're done
PlayStation 4 Save Mounter Demonstration via Sc0rpion
PlayStation 4 Save Mounter Homebrew Utility by ChendoChap.jpg



Senior Member
Does this work if the save game file sizes are different?

I'm trying to transfer my save of Fallout 4 but I cannot get it to work. My Fallout 4 SAVEDATA.DAT is around 20MB but the one I'm trying to replace is only 5MB

It looks like it all goes well but it just keeps on the loading screen and does not load.
It does say 'LEVEL 101' on the loading screen which is correct so something has transferred.

When I have overwritten the file it says it has transferred successfully but the file size still only shows 5MB so that is an obvious problem.


Senior Member
@PSXBob Yes. ChendoChap fixed the problem for me with version 1.3.

Now for problem games like Fallout 4 with different save sizes, you can now create a dummy save large enough to overwrite the larger save to.

Tried it with my fallout 4 save and it worked perfectly.



Can you describe it in more details what you have done, please.
I haven't tride it until now.
Why do we need dummy save files for some games?
Do i need 2 Saves now? (Dummy and normal?)
How do i know the right size of the dummy save file?
This new 'feature' is not completely clear for me...(n)
And it isn't really good described on Github.


Senior Member
@PSXBob The original problem with the Fallout 4 saves is that a 'new game' save is only around 3MB in size but a 'completed game' save is around 29MB.

With the old versions of save mounter you cannot overwrite a 3MB save with a 29MB save, it simply would not fit. (e.g. you could not fit a 29MB file on a 3MB USB stick)

With the new versions of save mounter there is a 'Create New Saves' option.
Using this you can create a 'dummy' save for the game on the PS4 that is 29MB in size.(or whatever size you need)
When you mount this new 29MB dummy save you can overwrite it with your 29MB 'completed game' save and it will now fit because now the save sizes are the same.

To answer your questions:
Q: Why do we need dummy save files for some games?
A: You need to create a dummy save if the save file you are trying to replace is larger in size than the original. (as described above)

Q: Do i need 2 Saves now? (Dummy and normal?)
A: No. The dummy file is created on the PS4 for that certain game an then overwritten with your save file. You ONLY have to use this method if the save files greatly differ in size as described above.

Q: How do i know the right size of the dummy save file?
A: Look at the size of the save file on the PC and create a 'dummy save' with save mounter that is the same size or a couple of MB larger just to be safe.

Let me know if you need any more help.:)



Q: Do i need 2 Saves now? (Dummy and normal?)
A: No. The dummy file is created on the PS4 for that certain game an then overwritten with your save file. You ONLY have to use this method if the save files greatly differ in size as described above.

I think i have Problems with this part of your instruction.

I followed the instruction until i created a save on PS4.
PS4 Save Mounter says that it created a save in Savedata1 folder.
But when i look in this Folder (Filezilla) there is no SAVEDATA.DAT File.
There is only the sce_sys folder with a few files in it?
The Original Save File on PC is about 11MB.
So i created a Dummy Save with 20M.
So, i should mount this dummy save, save it on pc, login with another account, mount original save and replace it with the dummy save, correct?

Did i forget something?


Senior Member

1: Create a new save in save mounter.
save directory name: SDU1
max save size: 20MB
Click on 'Create Save'

2: Click on 'Search' again and then Mount this new save.

3: Go to the save directory in FTP.
The only thing in the directory will be a sce_sys folder.

4: Copy over your SAVEDATA.DAT.
Now in the folder there will be a sce_sys folder and a SAVEDATA.DAT file.

5: Unmount the Save.

6: Close Fallout 4 and then start it again.

7: When Fallout 4 starts, select Load > Show all saves.
Your new save should be there.


A BIG Thank you for your help!
Now it was clear. I always thought in the wrong direction. I thought i have to create the dummy save file with the profile i created the original save and not in the new profile.

That's a different story. Now it works and i can activate my PS4 Pro with the activated offline profile. I didn't want to loose my Fallout 4 Save, because i spent a lot of time with the game to create it.



Can get GOW to work.
It Says "Found 0 Save directories" even though there is a manual save and 2 autosaves.
I tried the work around but I don't know what to do after step 5.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks I'm advance.
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