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Last fall we saw some PS5 / PSVR2 Concept Designs, and according to reports PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX could be in development as Sony patents allowing devices to determine whether an application is a legacy one or not were recently uncovered on a Japanese Blog. :notworthy:

Here's to hoping Sony unveils official details on their next-generation console sometime this year, and until then check out the PlayStation 5 / PS5 trailer concept video from ConceptsiPhone's YouTube Channel below.

According to the PS5 concept design video's description, this concept idea is by Iskander Utebayev, the video from @Ran Avni with VFX by Alex Richman.
  • Build-in display makes it easier to operate the console, and could assist you with the PS settings without a game interaction.

  • New option added, that attaches headphones to the controller which transmits a game sound exclusively into a gamers ears.

  • New PlayStation also includes upgraded system that allows users to enjoy the game on a new level with a 4K definition.

  • Controllers lights are not only a fancy addition to its design. It also helps users to enjoy the game with an according light theme. (Red and Blue, if a user is getting chased by the police, or alert of a danger that player is about to engage).
PlayStation 5 (PS5) - Trailer Concept
PS5 PlayStation 5 - Concept Design Trailer V2 - Welcome to the future of Gaming - VR4Player
New PlayStation 5 Boot Screen Concept
PlayStation 5 Concept Design PS5 Trailer Video by ConceptsiPhone.jpg


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Not when we're dealing with powervm it's all in wiki details what a powerful machine

Powervm has the power side and also has a x86 side Intel command line interface which makes both x86 and powerpc possible so you have the best of both worlds
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