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Bit later than expected.. but we all got a life right? ;)
Thx to the people for the requests!
Its nice people still follow our work.
The same for the multiZer0 filemanagers!



  • 4.80-OFW Build in PUAD
  • SEN-PSN Acces + latest SEN (pkg) support
  • Added App_Home
  • Added PS3_GAME (to mount games from multiZer0 + more game support)
  • Integrated Package Manager (Thx for this idea to REBUG and FERROX)
  • Apllied patch - Lv1~Lv2 for Peek and Poke acces
  • (removed Lv2 security patch and cleared hashes)
  • Applied patch - Disable Cinavia
  • Applied patch Region free - BlueRayDisc
  • Applied patch Bypass RSOD (when updating after downgrade)
  • Installs over any CFW on CEX
  • [Updates straight over 3.55-OFW]
  • [When QA was toggled on previous install you're able to update with this pup]
  • [Added old PS3 2.60-OFW Coldboot into the pup (because i still like it (=]
  • **NEW Added Rainbow Waves to the XMB Menu
  • **NEW PS3 Coldboot Icon/Header added when booting
  • **NEW Latest 7.30 Cobra Support

MD5: 39162bf40e79e0cfaa14407553c4aa0f

Tested On:

CECH-H/J/K/L [Zer0]
CECH-21xxa [Zer0]
CECH-20xxa [Zer0]
CECH-20xxb [Zer0, Storm]
CECH-25xxa [B7U3 C50SS]
CECH-25xxb [mobile1199]

*Images got caught on vga.. so the coldboot/header will show up in full form when use hdmi.



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Staff Member
I resumed upgrading it tonight to vBulletin 4.2.3 after last night's epic waste of time as mentioned in the Shoutbox :p

Still have a few things to fix there, but it's back online at the moment now:

To me a developer is anyone who finds ways to save others time in life- and by not having to mess around creating PS3 coldboots and building PUPs definitely fits the bill, which is one reason MFW never really caught on big- too much hassle! :D

Once again thanks @XxZer0ModZxX for what you do and share with the community... keep in mind you can't please everyone, so please yourself and continue to do what you enjoy :)


A developer is someone who develops something big or small, but no need to overstate what one does. multiZERO is multiMAN with a theme so is adding a theme to something , really justifiable to change the name of the project. Where the original name is not even present and replaced with some who added a theme.

The coldboot released on its own would actually reach more user's. Installing a coldboot is alot easier and faster then downloading and installing a CFW


Staff Member
LOL shame @STLcardsWS... isn't garyopa keeping you busy enough lately playing with Xenforo? :rolleyes:

Everyone has a right to their opinion, and I've always felt for typical gamers a ready-made CFW is far more end user-friendly... these are people who have better things to do in life and just want to slap a 4.80 CFW on and get back to gaming :D

In contrast, for modders I agree a coldboot can be handy, but as you're probably aware they make up a much smaller percentage of gamers overall.

Conclusion: There is no definitive on which is superior, like beauty it's all in the eye of the beholder... or in this case the user. ;)


Mod/Dev ~Team_Zer0~
multiZer0 isnt just a copy,
The source got never released..
Still have to patch/resign it yourself.
The reason you wont find that much anymore about mé has to deal with EliteMossy back in days when Glitcheaven died in a carcrash.
Hé teached us a lot!
Also a lot of files were on megaupload those days before they toke it down..
He was my close bud, same for Excalibur and Choco
I still got my old work aswell.. @B7U3 C50SS is one of them that can confirm this..
Same for releasing early pups with Habib..
We created latest DB-FW after 4.21 (scrambled) keys to patch out 3/5 headers..
Its like @PSXHAX says.. you cant satisfy everybody!
So i just continue my thing.. coding.. even when i have a life.
Thx at other people for the big support still..cheers!


GaryOPA? Is that what you believe. I needed a good laugh.

You can have a user-friendly coldboot installation that would apply to various CFW variants and would reach more people. TeamZero CFW does sound better then TeamZero Coldboot ? But i do know there was more effort here then just creating a coldboot here by TeamZero, but essentially that is all that was brought to the table with this "new" cfw. Matter of opinion overall but just sharing mine and since i do write and research news. I like to get answers on various aspects on things.

Sorry to here about your friend. Its never easy losing friends.

Continue doing your thing. I just share my opinions :) What one chooses to do with the feedback is up to them. I am one person in a large community.


Staff Member
GaryOPA? Is that what you believe. I needed a good laugh.
I'm under the impression GaryOPA is a not-so-anonymous 'silent' partner of yours who helped with the Xenforo changeover, site / contest funding, and even uses your account to post there at times.

Are you saying these are just coincidences and he's not involved in any way on PSX-Place? That would be great news if so :)

Below are some captures of the geezer from users:

Needless to say, most consider him a real scumbag who profits off sceners with useless DRM-infected dongles and even sells warez... apparently the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) busted him in 2008 :eek:
Gen-x Computers · Bowser, Gary Wayne

BOWSER, GARY WAYNE (operating as GEN-X COMPUTERS) is PLACE OF AMUSEMENT in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The business licence number is B33-3240380, issued on 29-APR-2002. The location is at 685 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3Y9. The postal code is M6H 3Y9. The licence is canceled on 31-DEC-2002.
That said, over time if we don't see any junk that GaryOPA peddles promoted on PSX-Place I spose we'll have our answer ;)


Well, hate to bust your bubble but myself and GaryOPA have no affiliation, I was a mod of his on Crunch back about 5 year ago, when i was creating some emulator info threads on the forums. When GaryOPA removed me from the mod position over an issue from someone else, well we never were on great terms after that. Which many know this, but that is long history as i don't even consider GaryOPA apart of the hacking communities anymore ..

Contest Funding? We have not had any huge contest, a few psn code giveaways we donated (staff) and a PS+ giveaway that was donated to us by a member of the site.

This one is really funny, NO, GaryOPA does not post under my account. All my post, its called hard work and dedication to the scene. As i TRULY enjoy the scene, as many see in my efforts of things.

Think about this, Since we have been back online we have not been running ads, now would that be something GaryOPA would do? Run a site at a LOSS? Especially after the site was offline for a few weeks prior? I am not saying it will stay ad-free (as you know sites have expenses) but for the time being it is as members get used to the software changes. No need to have ads when were down and user are adjusting to changes as we are as well. Our belief but sounds something very different from a GaryOPA site now doesnt it.

Also i was very critical of the CobraUSB and CobraODE devices and I have yet to write a single piece of news on the Cobra Black Fin. So does that sound like I am GaryOPA? lol


Staff Member
Well I'm liking the responses you gave so :tup: to those!

Definitely steer clear of GaryOPA's paid links that are plastered on the sides of his site.. the casino ones are the worst, talk about being blatantly obvious about it... he'll probably get penalized by Google eventually if he hasn't already ;)

One reason I figured OPA was behind PSX-Place is because at first he announced Xenforo / Xenporta 2 was coming to his own site and then the post 'disappeared' mysteriously (archived HERE) after an install popped up on PSX-Place once it was reported as hacked... to date Maxconsole is still on vB4, go figure. o_O

Add to that, the very same Nerva Xenforo Theme by IPBForo that OPA uses on his test server was coincidentally chosen for PSX-Place (with some minor design and color changes made of course)... you both must have the same taste in style, don't go for the sugardaddy silver hair look though :D

Finally, most of your posts on various sites have a more refined writing style whereas GaryOPA's often contain incorrect spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, poor use of both English and non-English words, run-on sentences (I could go on!) among other abnormalities... the reason I suspected he may be using your account on PSX-Place was because when I read the welcome back message HERE it screamed OPA to me rather than STLcardsWS.

Anyway, glad to see you're onboard the anti-OPA DRM dongle movement with myself and @GregoryRasputin among others here and beyond.. I'm sure it won't be long before he's peddling a PS4 dongle that will end up as successful (not!) as their lameass Black Fin for the Vita. :p

Chaos Kid

Senior Member
I cod add in my 2 sence aspecialy with the whole cobra ode cobra usb crap. The names on the list are identified directly in one of the files and special thanks goes to?
But Yea that's just me we all are on these various sites different names n who realy knows the truth.

Opa is intelligent I know his style comparing code isn't hard we all have a unique sence of writing our own code only a programmer knows how to identify another's style it's like matching finger prints.

N yes @PSXHAX there will be a ps4 cobra device the latest updates were 3days ago I follow them quite frequently


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We've destroyed everything thats been put out.Such a laugh.
the last piece of the puzzle is in our hands.
Suck on That.
If you never see us Again We're Finished With IDIOTS
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