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PS3 Games Manager v0.42a runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux inside VirtualBox.

  • Automatic recognition of the game ISO fle and automatic download of the CD cover and all the game details from Metacritic (Game name, Release date, Score, Description, Publisher, Developer, Category)
  • Very nice web graphic interface and extremely easy to use.
  • Mobile access fully working in PORTRAIT mode. This is tested on a Samsung Galaxy (S5, S7, Tab), iPhones (4, 4s, 5s, 6s), iPad Air.
  • Launch and Umount games straight from the web interface.
  • Reboot and Shutdown the PS3 from the web interface.
  • Enable disable game data for external USB drive connected to the PS3.
  • Real Time Monitoring of the following values:
  • PS3 Uptime, Game Currently Mounted, Actual Playing Time, webMAN Version, PS3 Firmware Version, PS3 Free Memory, CPU temp, Internal PS3 hd free space, USB external PS3 hd free space, Total number of games ISOs added.
  • Automatically keeps track of the amount of times you play a game and count each time adding a IOS style badge to the CD cover displayed on the web page search results. It also keep track of the total time (hours, minutes, seconds) a game is being played.
  • Ajax js interface to search for game name, description, category, publisher, developer in real time.
  • Order results by Metacritic Score, Last played Games, Date Added Games, Games Never Played Yet, Name and Random selection.
  • Easy configuration and installation.
  • Voice recognition (English only so far).
  • PS3NetSrv is pre-installed and pre-configured.
  • PHPMyAdmin is pre-installed and pre-configured. This comes very handy when a user wants to modify the game details and make some corrections.
PS3 Games Manager 0.42c.jpg


With an extremely simplified setup now anybody can use and enjoy PS3 Games Manager.

No IT skills required, no complicated command line instructions, no configuration files to edit. :)


VirtualBox Edition =>
Standalome =>


  • VirtualBox installed on Linux, Mac or Windows.
  • Network share folder containing the PS3 ISO files.
  • PS3 modded with CFW and Webman 1.43.33+ installed.
  • PS3 accessible via the internal network.
  • A lot of joy of playing :)


Francesco Fazio


I have released the version 0.42b of PS3 Games Manager.

Here is the changelog of 0.42b:
  • Fixed some issues with the Mobile version that was not working properly on IOS 10+. Tested on IOS 10.0.2 working with Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome for iPhone. Tested on iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7 and 7 plus.
Download VirtualBox Edition 0.42b:

Download Standalone 0.42b:

Francesco Fazio

Thanks for sharing the update here @Francesco Fazio! :happyblush
Thank you for your kindness and for supporting my app guys :)

P.S. Thanks to spammers sending up to 1000 emails through the support form I have put on I had to remove the page. My ISP complained and they blocked access to their SMTP server. It is nice to see how horrible people are when taking advantage of a website sharing a totally free and opensource project. I am rewriting the page adding a captcha to protect it. Hopefully it will stop them I cant afford to have more problems with the ISP. If you guys know a very good HTML/PHP protection system that blocks abuses please let me know


Staff Member
Damn that sucks, I agree you're investing your time for FREE and sharing your HARD WORK and yet some bad apples still abuse it >:-(

We use for captcha that seems to work decent here and it pays a bit for each solved.

If you let me know specifically what else you are trying to protect I may have some other ideas also (-8
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