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I've try this transferring Disgaea D2 by doing all the steps but after restoring the database nothing shows up at xmb why?


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i make these games works by copy LIC.EDAT to PS3 for the first time using the last ps3exploit pett v13 :
  • Army Two Devil's Cartel - BLES01763
  • Batman Arkham Origins - BLES01784
  • Battlefield Hardline - BLES02039
  • Beyond Good and Evil HD
  • Blur - BLES00759
  • Call of Duty Black Ops II - BLES01717
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III - BLES02166
  • Fifa 18 Arabic Editon - BLES02251
  • God of War Ascension - BCES01741
  • NBA 2k17 - BLES02242
  • Need for Speed Rivals - BLUS31201
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 - BLES02252
  • WWE 2k17 - BLUS31599


@NebulaNoctis I had the same problem, format your PS3, can be a quick format, only after that game show up in XMB

@thedarkghost For game convertion, for games that don't have Updates, can we use DLC PKG's instead?

@PSXHAX I know this is off topic, but i don't how to send PM in this forum, i'm having a problem about making reply's, i just click in the button and get directed to text space, but with no previous text, just blank space, can you help me?


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Conversations (aka PMs) are only available to Senior Members or above, so if you're trying to send one to a lower UserGroup you won't be able to... also due to the influx of PMs I've received in recent weeks only the Staff can send them to me now.

Regarding replies, that is correct if you click the Reply button link.. to quote someone you would have to click the Quote button link and then 'Insert Quotes' once it brings you to the bottom.

However, it's recommended to use the @ symbol next to the user's name instead to mention them in posts here as quotes are generally stripped in database backups to save space.


@UlquiorraSama I did what you said but still nothing shows up at xmb.. This what i did quick format >> installed NP folder then BL folder then rebuild database.. thanks by the reply btw

Another question can i not do this with a ps3 with already injected backups ?


I tested BLES01894 with this tut but i fail.. that say success.. and is imposible it take 1 sec to transfer.. folder is 1B385F59A in hexa.. tried on pett 0.1.3, failed after several tests..

ah, tested pett via LAN connection.
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