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As reported earlier this month, since their recent 6.71 PS4 OFW Update those enrolled in Sony's PlayStation Preview Program can now download and install the PS4 Firmware / System Software 6.80 Preview Program PUP for testing purposes. 🔥

Download: PS4UPDATE.PUP (447 MB) via @0x199 on Twitter / PS4UPDATE - PS4 6.81 BETA 1.pup (Mirror) / PS4UPDATE.PUP (Beta 2) (446.9 MB) / PS4UPDATE - PS4 6.80 BETA 2.pup (Mirror) via @Sametto Chan on Twitter

:alert: As usual, those not registered in Sony's PlayStation Preview Program will not be able to install the PUP as it requires a valid PS4 license for installation... also DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS4 game backups and homebrew apps whenever a new jailbreak exploit arrives!

Here are the updated features detailed from Sony's official PlayStation Site via @0x199 on Twitter, to quote:

System Software 6.80 Preview Program

Important notices for preview program users

  • Preview program system software is a beta product, subject to the terms of the “System Software Beta Agreement”. You must agree to the terms of the "System Software Beta Agreement” to participate in the program.
  • At the end of the system software preview program, you will need to restore the system software to the latest official version. Also, if you experience unexpected issues, you can restore your system software to the latest official version before the program ends. It is recommended that you back up your important data before installing the preview program version so you can return your system to its prior state.
Main features updated in this preview program system software version

The following changes have been made to Party.
  • The maximum number of people who can join a party has been increased from 8 to 16.
  • Chat transcription has been added, and accessibility has been improved. While in a party, use PS4 Second Screen* on your smartphone or other mobile device to convert party voice chat to text, or to read aloud text you enter to other party members. This feature works only in English and is available only on PS4 systems sold in certain regions.
  • Network connectivity has been improved.
  • Audio quality of voice chat has been improved.
* Use the latest version of PS4 Second Screen, available for download from Google Play or the App Store. App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Preview program system software limitations

Preview program system software has certain limitations. Be sure to read the limitations below before using.
  • You cannot have parties or use Share Play with users who are using a different system software version. You cannot have parties with PlayStation Vita users either.
  • The names of parties you create while participating in the system software preview program start with "*".
System software limitations after restoring from preview program system software to the latest version

Read the following limitations carefully before restoring your PS4 to the latest official system software version.
  • Activities you create while participating in the system software preview program and some settings are stored on the PlayStation Network server. You may receive notifications related to these activities and settings even after restoring the system software to the latest official version.
  • After restoring the system software to the latest official version, some games might not work correctly. If you experience this issue, delete the game, and then install it again.
Service and repairs while participating in the system software preview program
  • If your PS4 is in need of service, restore the system software to the latest official version before requesting service.
  • If you cannot restore your PS4 to the latest official system software version and you request service, the system software on your PS4 might be restored to the latest official version during the servicing process.
PS4 Update 6.80 Information
PS4 Update 6.80
6.80 beta 1 PS4 !
Twitter :

release: 0x06801010
build: cex
security-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.800
security-revision: 9999
sys-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.800
sys-revision: 125258
***-internal-build-number: 111328
middleware-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.800
middleware-revision: 21766
middleware-build-number: 71556
vsh-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.800
vsh-revision: 181644
vsh-build-number: 1136061
PlayStation Preview Program: 7Q6H-42NF-2QGN
Cheers to @rickylyh for sharing the PS4 6.80 screenshot on Twitter earlier! :beer:
PS4 Firmware  System Software 6.80 Preview Program PUP and Features.jpg



Senior Member
Don't wait, just update! LOL!

Having a blast doing all of my game backlogs for 5.05 for quite a while now and to top it off, they all have DLC's; AC Unity (finished), Ratchet & Clank (finished), RE7 (finished), Gravity Rush 2 (finished), CoD Infinite Warfare (almost done), Batman Arkham Knight (your next on the list), it'll be a long long while until i can even do half of my backlog so i don't really mind about a new hack, also i have a 2nd PS4 Pro (updated) for those new games anyways :)


Senior Member
@JonnyPSX lol my main console is PS4 PRO and i always stay up to date as soon as posible, Go Buy Slim 5.05 console if you want to play older games and PS2 Backward compatibility games

BTW i have PS4 Slim 5.05 8TB console to play older games and some PS2 games like suikoden 3,4,5, Wild arms 3,4,5, Valkyrie profile 2 Silmeria and Xenosaga series


I also have 2 PS4s. Pro with 5.05 and a external 8tb with most of my disk backups. and a slim with 6.50 that I use for my newer games. Some day they will be on the same FW... I hope!
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