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@mrkoelie nice work, with constructor and watchdogs 2!

Just a few questions, Can you provide me with -
  • PS4 firmware version
  • Game CUSA id and update version
  • The original (raw) address's that you used to generate the cht values
Answer what you can. The more detailed the better. (y)


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Anyone found the money offsets for witcher 3 goty edition? I downloaded the one from ps4 hen pkg section. There is already 1 offset for money that someone posted but that is not for Goty edition. Thanks in advance.

Any other offset such as to level up with the xp will also be extremely helpful... i tried to find myself using the current money value.. then i spent some money and when i do the next scan... it finds nothing... am i doing something wrong... please advise.


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Didnt work for me :( its a dynamic code. Thanks for the work.

Watch dogs 2
No updates
Firm 4.55
PS4Cheater 1.4.1
Original code : 204A81158

simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@200FDBCA8_18_1C3CA8+18|data|4 bytes|9999999|1|999999 Money|

Im with the inf hack, the life is gonna be complicate but ill give it a try.

data|18|70FCD74|float|1500|1|Inf Hack|207A7CD74
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