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hi guys, I got a issue, so i had my PS4 pro which was at 7.05 i believe i flashed it to 7.55, replaced the 1tb internal to a 5tb, I filled that up with games, then I purchased a 8tb external hard drive, and almost filled that up

now i really do hate the kernel panics that come with such a high firmware, so what I want to know is how can i salvage my games from my internal 5tb hardrive, to transfer them to my PS4 5.05 ? i know the external is just a plug and play job, let me know many thanks.

I take it this will work, I saw some person mention in a thread below:

if you are wanting to pack up your games and themes, DLC, you can load up FTP, download /user/app for apps/games, /user/patch for patches and /user/addcont for DLC /user/addcont/IO00000 is for themes
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