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Following to several previews and after a few issues with my isp, I will finally release what I have been working on. The PlayStation 4 Toolbox features a few basic tools such as a peek poker or a notification tool.

It should be straight forward on how to use most of the tools, although there are some features hiding in right-click menus. Here is a PS4 How to Enable Dev Menus Manually tutorial also.

PS4 Toolbox Updated for PlayStation 4 by DeathRGH.png

Getting Started
  1. Set the ip in the "Settings.ini" file in the tool folder to your PS4 ip.
  2. Set your desired firmware version in the "Settings.ini" file (4.05 and 4.55 supported).
  3. Launch the tool and click "Inject Payload". Leave the port on 9020.
PS4 Toolbox Updated for PlayStation 4 by DeathRGH 2.png

I will probably add more information on how to use this whole toolbox.

Other things to mention:
  • This entire tool is based of goldens jkpatch.
  • Everything in this release has only been tested on 4.55 but should work 99% on 4.05 aswell.
  • The tool is running an connection test on startup. If you have issues with it detecting the payload as injected although it isn't, disable this check. You can do that by setting the "TestConnectionOnStartup" to "0" in the "Settings.ini" file in the tool folder.
  • If you are looking to add more weapons for the bo3 zombie tool: The weapon list are located in the tool folder under "\gametools\bo3\weaponlists". You can refresh the lists at runtime by right-clicking the map selection. You can also add ned files and name them whatever you want. It will read all *.txt files.
  • For adding new weapon lists for not yet featured bo3 zombie maps, add around 200 lines of "n/A" in the desired file. It does read each line in the file as an id starting with 1. You can the add in the weapons you get for the selected line to the file and save it. Selecting a new entry in the weapon list will the refresh the names at runtime.
If you are able, please run the benchmark tool and leave your results down below like in the spoiler below. I'm really interested in your results.

Spoiler: Results

Download: PS4 Toolbox by DeathRGH (MediaFire Folder) (best to always use latest)

Just like for the last version this will be available on github once the code is cleaned up.

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@PSXHAX since I just had a longer discussion and wrote up a quick tutorial on how to enable developer menus for certain games. You should probably add it to op.

PS4 How to Enable Dev Menus Manually

I will explain this on the last of us.
  1. First thing to check is the executable size in which the functions are located.
    To look for it open the memory map and add up all of the executable lengths:
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 1.png

    This adds up to a total of 0x1C88000 which is the length we are going to dump.
  1. To dump this we use the peek poker with a base address of 0x400000 which represents the entry point with prot 5:
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 2.png

    After you click on "Peek" wait for it to load into the memory view and then click "Save to File".
    Name it whatever you want and save it on your desktop:
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 3.png
  1. Drag n drop the file into HXD or another hex editor with search function.
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 4.png

    For the last of us the default function as bytes is:
    80 B9 87 2E 00 00 00 0F 85 1F 0D 00 00 80 B9 81 2E 00 00 00 0F 84 12 0D 00 00 89 C0
    Search for that has hex string search.
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 5.png
  1. You should only find one entry as it is a game function you are looking for:
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 6.png

    Now place your marker at the beginning of the marked up bytes and press "Ctrl + E".
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 7.png
  1. Copy what it says for the start offset and add 400000 as hex with the calculator:
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 8.png

    The calculated address is your offset that you can use in peek poker (403A28).
  1. Edit the hex string with peek poker at the calculated location. Replace the hex with:
    80 B9 87 2E 00 00 00 0F 85 1F 0D 00 00 C6 81 81 2E 00 00 01 EB 04 12 0D 00 00 89 C0
    PS4 How to enable dev menus manually 9.png
  1. Click poke to send the changes to your console.
There you have it.
Simple as that.
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