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Building upon PS4Cheater from various PlayStation 4 Scene developers over the years, I bring you the latest PS4_Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App for Game Cheat Codes version from my (@ctn) Github Repo fork with updates added to this topic via Twitter as they're available.

Download: PS4 Cheater x64 / PS4 Cheater x86 (Latest Version) / GIT / NidusGaming Discord Channel / CTN123 Ko-Fi Page <3 / PS4 Save Mounter (Unofficial) Port Updates by @ctn


PS4 Cheater is homebrew APP to find game cheat codes, and it is based on ps4debug. This is a work in progress.

Changelog: v1.5.4

Rev 4: update
  • Fixed 6.72 PS4 Reaper attach issue
Rev 3: update
  • Added x86 build (WARNING: Causes AV false positives)
  • Minor bug fix to hex editor's context menu.
Rev 2: update
  • Added support for 7.50 and 7.51 using 7.55 offsets (untested)
PS4 Cheater
  • Console scanner
    • Does the scanning on the ps4.
  • Auto detects your ps4 firmware
    • Removed firmware selection drop down.
  • Fixed Refresh bug
  • Fixed "Add to Cheat List" appearing multiple times
  • Single ps4debug payload for all firmware (5.05, 6.72, 7.02, 7.55)
    • Rewrote portions of ps4debug to allow this.
  • New functions
    • Find Get Firmware version
    • Console logger.
    • Console scanner + Utility functions.
      • Added Unknown Initial Value scan.
      • Added Unknown Initial Low Value scan.
      • Proper float and double scans.
      • Alignment support
        • Currently only one/off.
    • New IO functions for more efficient r/w. (Not currently used)
  • Fixed char/byte bug, so we can now send uint8_t as 1 byte.
Performance tips:
  • auto-pause enables scans to happen faster :) for games that support it.
  • Use Unknown Initial Low Value to filter out useless high values to speed up scans.
  • Console scanner is fast but it's not always faster than the non-console scanner.
  • You can enable console scanner for the first scan, then disable for the next scan etc.
    • Can mix and match
If you like my builds or have feature requests. Please support me.


Open PS4_Cheater.sln with Visual Studio and build.

  • payloads directory will be copied to the debug/release directory as a post-build step.
  • If using ps4debug payloads directory on its own, be sure to grab libdebug.dll.
    • Need both for the speedfix.
  • Included pre-compiled ps4debug binaries are built from:
    • 5.05 - ps4debug.git @ b446dced06009705c6f8d70e79113637d1690210
    • 6.72 - ps4debug.git @ b446dced06009705c6f8d70e79113637d1690210 (with 6.72 offsets)
    • 7.02 - ps4debug.git @ 7c114ba1b8fe2d5bbdad0079dec442deff10c4e0
    • 7.55 - ps4debug.git @ 616a083250308b93fcb051d6782daba8520c970e
Acknowledgements & Thanks!
  • Countless contributors to jkpatch, ps4-ksdk, ps4-payload-***, ps4debug and PS4_Cheater.
  • DeathRGH for the speedfix tweak for ps4debug.
  • Al-Azif for his ps4-exploit-host - Very useful for local testing.
PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App for Game Cheat Codes CTN123 Fork.jpg



Senior Member
@ctn In my case, I am using Wi-Fi. When I used v1.5.4.3 x64 there are no error.

God of War CUSA07408 VER:01.33

Spoiler: Character Code

Spoiler: Resources Code

Note: Resources code can be used when the list of resources seen. I space between according resources color. I found at the time when I am scanning first still ok and next scan three or four time.

I noticed that at the lower bar ps4 cheater was show "connected" and "disconnected" off & on. But while I used v1.5.4.3 there is no problems.

FW: 6.72 Hen 2.1.3b Leeful HB

Sorry for my weak English.

Spoiler: Full Cheater Log file


Senior Member
@kyilintun, can you please give more details on what you were scanning for, and your settings, and how I can reproduce the error?

I know where in the code has the error, I just don't know how to reproduce it.

Are you using a proper wifi router and not a ESP8266.

Can you test using ethernet?


Senior Member
@ctn It is hard to say about error.

I use proper Wi-Fi router. I have difficult to test with ethernet cable.

It found at while God of War Scanning and found at many scan.

In my case , first , second , third scan still ok. But I noticed about program is slight hang and hang.

During the scan I tick off filter box.

And later time scan it it found at bottom bar show "connected" and "disconnected" off & on.

I click refresh button when disconnected it give a little bit time hanging. about 3 to 4 time later

it say this error and can't refresh. At that time I closed program and reused.

I use windows 10 64bit and scan with x64 program. PS4 6.72.

That all I know.

Thank you.


Senior Member
@kyilintun hi instead of posting the addresses, you can save it as a cheat file, so that next time you can just load them.

Just a suggestion though, cause i only tried xp en hacksilver for gow.

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