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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... :music: following the PS4 WebKit 0-Day Exploit, PS4 Userland 7.02 Port fork, 7.02 PS4 Full Stack and 7.02 PS4HEN this weekend PlayStation 4 developer sleirsgoevy updated his PS4JB Github repository with a PS4 7.02 Jailbreak page currently featuring these options: JB+MIRA, JB+HEN, JB+LINUX (VRAM 1GB), JB+LINUX (VRAM 3GB), JB+NETCAT (LEGACY) and JB+NETCAT! 🎁 🎅

On the PS4JB 7.02 Page developer @sleirsgoevy notes the success rate is about 10% so unless you're already on PS4 OFW 7.02 it's advisable to hold off updating your Firmware and use 7.02 Backported PS4 FPKGs for the time being... and @Chronoss09 passed along via Twitter a last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702.rar (189.44 KB), last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v2_fix.rar (190.85 KB), last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v3.rar (323.36 KB), last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v4.rar (336.3 KB) and last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v5_new.rar (376.46 KB) / last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v5_old.rar (346.96 KB) / last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v6_fix.rar (1015.1 KB - adds PS4Debug payload) / last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v6.2.rar (1.06 MB) / Test Page / Sleirsgoevy host 702 v7 (v2) by Chronoss.rar (1.38 MB) / Test Page (Latest Version). :fire:

Next up, @zecoxao shared via Twitter a PS4 7.02 Kernel Dump for PlayStation 4 Scene developers to further examine 🧐 offsets in the System Software. :geek:

Download: dump.bin (42 MB) / Full_kernel_dump_7.02 by Karo.bin (103.1 MB) via @karo218

Proceeding his PS4 7.02 Game Backporting footage, @grabman (Twitter) updated his YouTube Channel with a FF7R FPKG Backport video confirming it works just fine... while his latest video covers the PS4JB: PS4 7.02 Jailbreak updates stating the following in the description, to quote:

Use this new site and follow along with video. If you need to send a payload use JB plus Netcat which is port 9021 or legacy which is 9020. I recommend caching this site and going offline.

For those experiencing issues I have done extensive testing of 7.02 and it is working quite well. If you are on 6.72 or above I highly recommend taking advantage of the above method. Hope this helps people.

PS4 Jailbreak 7.02: How To Jailbreak

Finally, SonysNightmare shared an Unlimited Ammo RE3-AMMO-HACK.cht file for use on the RE3 Remake FPKG with PS4 Cheater:

Download: RE3-AMMO-HACK.rar (403 Bytes - Password: SonysNightmare)

Holiday greetings to @cedsaill4 for the news tip on Twitter earlier: :bananaman6:
Download: kernel_dump_fw_672.rar (13.99 MB)
For user Gentoo Linux 7.02 here is a pack for Belize version via mircoho:

Download: Gentoo Linux 7.02 (Belize Version) (10.8 MB) / Mirror (Includes bzImage, initramfs.cpio.gz and PS4-Linux-Loader_normalEDID.bin)
Another play-go fix - just delete \misc\ChunkMap.dat :p
PS4JB PS4 7.02 Jailbreak Updates by Sleirsgoevy, Kernel Dump and More!.jpg



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Merry Christmas everyone !!! I'm glad you have a console up to 7.02

Not my case, I'm still at 7.50 and I hope that one day I can do it too !!!


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The backports are not working fine. 2 examples. Final Fantasy DLC and Resident Evil 3 dlc. The backport thing is holding us back...

Keep in mind I was one of the first to talk of backports openly...

The thing is now we need to improve 7.02 (and knowledge of 6.72 frankly with the linux differences in terms of payloads 6.72 is actually better but I might be only jailbreaker who realizes this...) so that we can all be on 7.02.

I like dlc. Sometimes it makes a game. That is a HUGE deal.

If someone in the scene can fix or has please disregard...


When it works it usually works very well, I was merely stating the fact of kernel panics are gonna happen. But I am very grateful for the hard work and dedication these individuals have collaborated together and can't wait for more advancements. Keep up the good work.


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I think the success rate in the last sleirsgoevy is more 10%, i have more success when i launch the exploit, i create the last sleirsgoevy host only 702 v3 with more payload for those interested :)

Download: last_sleirsgoevy_host_only_702_v3.rar (323.36 KB)
  • add JB + MIRA
  • add ce-30391-6 fix by Nazky
  • add bouton style for jailbreak link
  • add credit
last sleirsgoevy host only 702 v3 hosted here.
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