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I'd like to use someone else's savegame. So what do I have to do for? In mnt//pfs there is the .sav file. Just to replace doesn't work. So I tried the param.sfo editor 1.2, but it doesn't show me an account ID.

Do I have to delete the NPX... folders? What exactly has to be done?

Would be great if someone could explain step by step. Thx for your advice!
1. Mount game you want to replace save
2. Go to /MNT/PFS/ folder on your PS4 and you will find folder SAVEDATA_XXXXXXXX_CUSAXXXXX_YYYYZZZZ
3. Inside that folder is save, and you will need replace that save with downloaded save.
4. don't replace, delete or move sce_sys folder, you will only need, in this case, to replace .sav file with downloaded .sav file

5. unmount save in save mounter
6. check is save work.

I guess it is for Borderlands 2, because your other topic. Check that save with Borderlands 2 Save File Editor by Gibbed. When openining .sav file with editor use playstation vita save file in menu.

Or maybe try to edit your .sav file with Gibbed, not sure its work, but Gibbed successfully opening PS4 save as vita save.


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it is possible to use save mounter with second or third user... debug, ftp

if you start save mounter, User1 will be default. so procedure is:
  • not change user, use log off from PS
  • then login with other user.
  • then setup on save mounter and the you will have loged user in save mounter!!!


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Some more...

Usually I replace a .sav file either in /mnt/pfs/savedata_XXX and/or mnt/sandbox/NPXS.../savedata0
BUT, what to do with files without specified format and .bin files? EXAMPLE:


Protobuffers save contains such files. I don't understand it. By the way, how did he managed it on 6.72 max level of 65 in the game? He would need all DLC and Updates... Is this all Save Wizard related?
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