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Adding to my PS4 / PS5 homebrew game repertoire featuring our recent PSFreeDOOM and HAMMER FPKG releases comes SPACE REQUIEM, which is a space combat homebrew demo that's also a framework and foundation for a future title we'll develop into a full-fledged game one day. 🚀☄️👾

The Space REQUIEM PKG below is playable on Jailbroken PS4 consoles in the PS4Scene and Hacked PS5 consoles in the PS5Scene using the 4.03 PS5HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, 4.50 PS5HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, 4.51 PS5HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler or other payloads via the PS5 Kstuff Porting Tool.

Download: SPACE REQUIEM.pkg (330 MB)

About Space REQUIEM:

Picture wing commander meets call of duty. There is a main menu with three scenes to play and choose from. The first scene puts you in a cockpit and you must destroy objectives throughout space, the 2nd scene puts you up against waves of enemies, where the third scene, a bit of a frame dropped experience on PS4 while not so much so on PS5; puts you on foot to take out soldiers and try to make it to your spaceship where you can then get in, take off, and take out targets from above.

‼️ Do keep in mind while this works on PS4 and PS5, the third scene in the main menu may or may not be a better experience on the PS5.

🗣️ We're looking into making a VR version of this game, however I do not have a PSVR to test our current VR build... so if you have a PSVR and can test homebrew please do contact me on Discord as therealsnakeplissken, on X as _SnakePlissken1 or snakeplissken2862 on YouTube. 💬

We wish to get this VR build out soon, and will also credit you in the production if you're able to help as a tester! :cool:

  • fix the one AI test scene that causes a slight performance hit on PS4 only when in this scene.
  • fix blood that causes performance hit on PS4 within the AI test scene.
  • completely replace level geometry in AI test scene
  • finish making a full fledge game out of this!
Note: I just noticed the stairs in the on foot AI demo level are a bit bugged and the player has to spam the jump button to navigate up and down them, will fix this in the next update, it may be awhile as I want to add some new custom assets like ship models and enemies.

We truly want to use this as a foundation for a full game experience, something from start to finish.

Update: On 2nd thought we may update the game before a final release as the whole AI on foot level should be redone for stability reasons on PS4. should be fine on PS5 however.

Update 2: I decided to cut out the on-foot demo, this will be just a space combat sim homebrew for now. Too much performance issues at the moment when on foot but I do plan to allow for the player to get in and out of the ship and there be a more dynamic set of levels & worlds.
First Two Mins of Space REQUIEM Open Alpha Homebrew on PlayStation
Unity PlayStation PS4 / PS5 SPACE REQUIEM Dev Work
Lets Play SPACE REQUIEM Homebrew on PS4
Space REQUIEM Space Combat PS4 PS5 Homebrew Demo by SnakePlissken.png


good stuff. ahhh who doesn't remember wing commander...

also for me a little game called tachyon the fringe from novalogic.

the good old days as they say. lol.

:cool: :hearteyes::bananaman2:🤝💪🍻(y)
This looks very cool, it kinda reminds me of an old star wars game from my childhood , i think its name was Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Looking forward to try this game out on my newly jailbroken PS4.
@tomh1991 great idea. and even greater game. remember the end level of shadows of the empire? i wanna see a scene where you fly into a massive structure have to blow up the core and fly out through a maze before time runs out and the whole play blows. that SOTE level ran on some of the same code base as rouge squadran. in the future missions will be structured simliar to the way the were in this great n64 star wars game you mentioned.
@SnakePlissken , i love Star Wars games! That would be so cool to see such scene , trying to fly out the Death Star, while there is a timer and with obstacles.

I never knew that both games ran on kinda the same code , would be so awesome to see a full release of your game in the future!

Also would be a idea to maybe add a large ship to control such as the Millennium Falcon and that you are able to walk through such a ship and see all the details! But i guess that would be a lot of work.
Although this is in no way my style of space shooter (personally I am more of an Ikaruga/Radiant Silvergun type of guy) this looks really intriguing. Takes me back to the days that I played Wing Commander III on my 3DO constantly, not because I loved it, but because I wanted more of that sweet sweet Mark Hamill voice acting.

Plus, its not like I had many great options for that thing. I do still dig out the old 3DO expecting to spend a whole weekend engrossed in its glory, only to be again disappointed after about an hour. This looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing where its headed. Keep it up! Thanks.