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Following the Prosper0GDB PS5 Debugger Updates, PS5 IPV6 Kernel Exploit v1.03, MEMEDumper for PS5, KStuff Updates and PlayStation 5 Firmware 4.03 PS5 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler Payload & Porting Offsets comes PS5 KStuff Offsets for 4.50 courtesy of cheburek3000's BD-JB 4.50 Github forked from Sleirsgoevy's previously released PS4JB Payloads Github allowing those on 4.50 OFW in the PlayStation 5 Scene to test out merged (PS4 Tools / Merge FPKG PS5) Game Update + DLC Packages including a Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Update v1.19 + DLC + PS5 PKG and a Red Dead Redemption Update v1.03 + PS5 PKG / Sonic Superstars Deluxe Edition Update v1.05 + DLC + PS5 PKG. 🏴‍☠️

Download: ps5-kstuff.bin (153 KB - from Sleirsgoevy's PS5 4.03 Kernel Exploit Host - Live Demo via PS4JB2: PS4JB 2 PS5 Hosts) / payload.bin (245.47 KB) compiled by @zecoxao on Twitter for 4.50 / PS5 Jailbreak 3.xx-4.xx (Live Demo) via notnotzecoxao / PS5 Jailbreak 3.xx-4.xx (Live Demo) / PS5 Exploit Host GIT Fork via idlesauce

@tecniqueza confirmed (pictured below) on Twitter that 4.50 is working while noting, "for some reason some PS4 FPKG on PS5 (4.50) have a bug in the audio or even no sound. I solved it by turning off the 3D audio and everything worked normally 🎵🎶"

Cheers to Kameleonre_ via Twitter for the heads-up on this earlier! 🍻

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Sleirsgoevy's PS5 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler Payload Port to 4.50 by Cheburek3000.jpg


I wonder if 4.50 will be more stable than 4.03. Or maybe they added more offsets to 4.03. Right now on 4.03 GTA5 has huge framerate drops, Horizon Zero Down Deluze Edition also - fps drops and stuttering.
For someone who has already a hacked PS4 pro with more than reasonable stability, would you say this has any real purpose - I mean do the games run better on PS5?
I have both PS4 Pro 9.0 and PS5 4.50 and I can say that PS4 Pro fans turns to helicopter while same games run quietly on PS5 and PS4 Pro can't play Horizon on 60fps, so PS5 enabled for ps4 fpkg game is way better than PS4 Pro, if you are into fpkg and fps alone, also devs are working hard to port most of PS4 stuff to PS5 so homebrew support will widen in future.
my 4.50 ps5's time has come! it's been a bloodborne 1080p 60 machine up until now (which is still amazing) but i'm very excited for this.
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