1. LarryK

    Locating a Jailbreakable PS4 5.05 / 5.07 Firmware Console in 2019

    Im in Canada and I have two extra systems. #1 - Glacier White, 1tb on 5.05 (System only) #2 - Black, 500gb on 5.05 (System only) Let me know if interested. (Check your shipping costs from Toronto to your location and include the cost in your offer) Cheers!!
  2. LarryK

    PS4 Toolbox Updated for PlayStation 4 by DeathRGH

    WOW THANK YOU x 1,000,000 V1.6 = Flawless BO3 Zombie Gameplay
  3. LarryK

    PS4 Homebrew Store Package (PKG) by LightningMods

    Got it... Thank you...
  4. LarryK

    PS4 Homebrew Store Package (PKG) by LightningMods

    @DeathRGH My sons been watching your YouTube videos for years.... Specifically your Black Ops 3 1.26 Zombies Mod Menu from 2018. Is there any possibility of a release? Thanks again for your aim bots and peeker poker. Cheers..... Larry
  5. LarryK

    PS4 Homebrew Store Package (PKG) by LightningMods

    Can I remove the official store on 5.05 and install this one with the original store icon? That would be sic!!!! @LightningMods
  6. LarryK

    FAQ: All PlayStation 4 Owners Can Change Online ID Starting Today

    Lots of people will do it for free.... It will be interesting to see some numbers next quarter regarding how many people will actually pay to change their username. My guess is not too many.
  7. LarryK

    Google Stadia Gaming Platform Officially Announced at GDC 2019

    @Zoilus ... Read up? People do not need to read what they already lived through. Over 40yrs of gaming experience... So I will explain what I meant by my 2d humor comment ... By 2028.... We should have a "hollow deck" in every house... Not a Google streaming device... Star Trek and back...
  8. LarryK

    Google Stadia Gaming Platform Officially Announced at GDC 2019

    @Zoilus ...in 10 years I hope we have a better standard than cloud based 2d. ;)
  9. LarryK

    Google Stadia Gaming Platform Officially Announced at GDC 2019

    I don't like to rent.... Streaming is like renting.... I prefer to own my games.
  10. LarryK

    RetroArch PS4 (Orbis) Support in Development by Frangarcj

    This is great news!!!! Can't wait!!!!!! Side note ...... Anyone else pick up on the shouout to Retroarch in the new Netflix show Bandersnatch?
  11. LarryK

    PS4 6.20 Method: Activate PSN Accounts with Games via Jose Coixao!

    Thanks for the news but honestly nothing new... This method has been around for years and hasn't changed much with the updates... Game sharing is all this is... I was hoping the super secret method was something new and interesting. Oh well, thanks anyway... I guess.
  12. LarryK

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PS4 Online LAN System by TheoryWrong

    6 months ago I was flamed for asking if this was possible..... To all the non believers..... Hahahaha. In your face. To the dev for the release..... fawk ya brother!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  13. LarryK

    How to Get PS4 Game Updates on a 4.05 / 4.55 Jailbroken Console

    Easiest way to get Legit License Files? Buy a used machine with accounts on it that hasn't been factory reset..... Thanks for the post, handy info
  14. LarryK

    PlayStation 4 Tool to Inject PS4 Game Mod Payloads by DeathRGH

    @DeathRGH thanks so much for this tool.... I was able to connect my 4.05 with Downloaded BO3 Pkg (running your mod tool) to my 5.05 running legit disc BO3.... Through my local network. I set up two big screens and the two systems in my living room and played with my son all night long. I was...