1. mortezatroy

    MiraFW: Project Mira v1.0 Developers Release by OpenOrbis Arrives

    another good news from these guys hope to see more process :)
  2. mortezatroy

    PS4 Slim Pictures Surface as PlayStation 4 Slim Leak Rumored!

    It's Look Like weight calculator :D:D:D
  3. mortezatroy

    PS4 NEO 4K Console Priced, Tentative Release Date from Tidux

    This console for get high quality in games but your monitor or TV must be support 4k resolution if you have 1080p device you cant use PS4 NEO. I think this PS4 we all use it that enough for 8th generation enjoy with your PS4 and play hard :smile:
  4. mortezatroy

    PlayStation 4 3.55 System Software Update Live with PS4 Patches

    PS3 is Jailbreak on 3.55 Firmware but I think it's not be happen on PS4 !!!! They always change programming algorithm on every Firmware released until today.