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  1. PS4 1.76 COD 4 Remastered Modder v1 Demonstration by JBPS4 FTv

    Following the PS4 GTA V Hax Demo with full natives working, today [email protected] 502 let us know that JBPS4 FTv shared a PS4 1.76 COD 4 Remastered Modder v1 video demonstration! :coolxf2: Check it out below, and thanks to @B7U3 C50SS for passing along the tweet! :notworthyxf2:
  2. PS4 1.76 RTM: Unlocking PS4 Trophies in Advanced Warfare Demo

    Proceeding their PS4 1.76 GTA V Real-Time video, today PlayStation 4 developers @BadChoicesZ and @kurt2467 with help from @SC58 shared a new PS4 1.76 RTM demonstration for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where they have fun unlocking some PS4 trophies! :veryhappy: Check out their PlayStation 4...