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Proceeding their PS4 1.76 GTA V Real-Time video, today PlayStation 4 developers @BadChoicesZ and @kurt2467 with help from @SC58 shared a new PS4 1.76 RTM demonstration for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where they have fun unlocking some PS4 trophies! :veryhappy:

Check out their PlayStation 4 real-time modding demo below, and to quote from the video's caption: PS4 1.76 RTM - Advanced Warfare - Unlock some Trophys

Just another video Main credits to: BadChoicesZ + Kurt2467 with a Big thanks to SC58.

Just hadn't uploaded anything thought I'd upload this small example of modding another game ^_^.

In this video I just called the Advanced warfare function sv_gamesendservercommand, via RPC. Obviously there is a lot more that can done with just this function alone let alone others I have, but i thought this example was sufficient.

I only coded the "all trophys" button to unlock the first 5 trophies for this video. Also apologies I should of done a notify message in this video but I didn't think of it. :D Another video perhaps.

Cheers to @GrimDoe for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :beer:
PS4 1.76 RTM Unlocking PS4 Trophies in Advanced Warfare Demo.jpg


It's not difficult to make a program in visual studio if you have decent knowledge in c++ or c# and also if you have full jailbreak access
Im just showing what can be done, never claimed it to be a big advancement in the scene, just showing because nobody else has, and alot of people keep trying to call bs.
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