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  1. Chaitin Tech 4.01 PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Entry Point Dev Research

    With confirmation that the PS4 4.01 Ksploit has been reported to Sony and likely to be patched, PlayStation 4 developers have been researching the Chaitin Tech 4.01 PS4 jailbreak exploit's entry point in hopes to bring Linux to Firmware 3.50 through 4.01 among other scene advancements...
  2. PS4 4.01 Linux Installation / Ksploit Demo at GeekPwn 2016

    Today at the GeekPwn 2016 Carnival in Shanghai Station the Pavilion Safety Research Lab shared a PS4 4.01 Linux installation / Ksploit demonstration exploit video via Chinese site Changting Technology Security Lab! :D In the video they navigate their PS4 Web browser to