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  1. PS5 PKGs: Prospero (PlayStation 5) PKG Build Tools Surface via DNNDHH

    DNNDHH (Nasu Ni Furenaide) recently added a Github repository dubbed PS5 PKGs containing official build tools for building PS5 Packages to use on Prospero aka PlayStation 5... with PS5PKGsInstaller v1.21.0 featuring Publishing Tools for Prospero v1.21.0.10200 and a Param File Editor for Prospero...
  2. PS5 System Software / Firmware v3.20 & DualSense Controller Update Live!

    Following their previous update, in PS5 News today Sony pushed live PS5 System Software / Firmware v3.20 (Version 21.01-03.20.00) including a new DualSense Controller Update with the changes outlined below. 🎮 This comes proceeding the recently Leaked PS5 Dev Kit, however, it hasn't been...