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DNNDHH (Nasu Ni Furenaide) recently added a Github repository dubbed PS5 PKGs containing official build tools for building PS5 Packages to use on Prospero aka PlayStation 5... with PS5PKGsInstaller v1.21.0 featuring Publishing Tools for Prospero v1.21.0.10200 and a Param File Editor for Prospero v1.21 (Build 1.21.761931406) for PS5 PARAM.SFO files among the applications included in the Publishing Tools Installer leak. :sneaky:

Download: Ps5PkgsInstaller-1.21.0.exe (29.1 MB - includes prospero-pub-cmd.exe, prospero-pub-param.exe, p2d.exe, ric.exe and sc2.exe) / GIT / Publishing Tools For Prospero.exe (29.1 MB - Mirror) via testkit_dev / Unity3D PS5.rar (15.47 GB - Publishing Tools, Unity3D 2021.2.0b11, PlayStation 5 ***) via testkit_dev

This comes after the previous PS5 DevKit Leak, PS5 ELF Loader Plugin for IDA with PS5 Symbols and PS5 Hypervisor Exploitation by @flatz (who plans to document PS5 Fake PKGs (FPKGs) implementation as he did with PS4 FPKGs), PS5Debug: PlayStation 5 Debugger, PS5 Game File Dumper, SelfUtil-Patched for PS5 FSelfs to ELFs, Executable Decryptor UI to Decrypt PS5 Game Dump Exes, Sign ELFs & EBOOTs, PS5-Xplorer PS5 File Explorer / Manager, PlayStation 5 ELF Loader and PS5 Game Information Viewer for those recently joining the PS5Scene.

Cheers to BrutalSam_ via Twitter for passing along the news earlier on! šŸ»

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PS5 PKGs Prospero (PlayStation 5) PKG Build Tools Surface via DNNDHH.png


It's a $ony command-line tool intended for developers, so if you open a cmd prompt in Windows and type prospero-pub-cmd.exe helpall it explains the format and available command names complete with usage directions on each.


Someone will inevitably make a GUI, and eventually when PS5 FPKGs are a thing (read HERE for how PS4 FPKGs became a thing) a version supporting PS5 Fake PKGs similar to PS4 Fake PKG Tools with Fake PKG Generator 3.87 Patched for FPKGs will be made.
I wonder if it has a gp5 maker because thats the only pain to make a gp5 by hand, the tools have been around for a while from *** leaks
wow this is great! knew it was only a matter of time, just like with the ps4 that devtools from $ony would be leaked and made usable by the scene.
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